Wood Banjo Armrest - Curly Maple - Looks Great - One Size Fits All

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Wood Banjo Armrest - Curly Maple - One Size Fits All

More Comfortable  - Look Great - Won't Tarnish - Warm, Not Cold Steel

This Curly Maple armrest is more comfortable than metal, fits all hook spacings up to 2 3/8" and adds style to your banjo!

These new curly maple wood banjo armrests made by Gold Tone are shaped just like traditional banjo armrests but they are more comfortable, look fantastic and wont tarnish. Normal Chrome, or Nickel armrests can tarnish within a week for many people. The interaction between the normal skin of your forearm and a metal armrest will tarnish very quickly. The wood armrests are warm to the touch, add class to the look of your banjo and will last forever.

The contrast of the wood and the nickel hardware on the banjo really compliment each other and everything about the wood armrests is sensible to me.  

* More Comfortable Than Metal
* Adds Style to Your Banjo
* Fits All Hook Spacing's up to 2 3/8"

Banjo armrests made out of wood is a great concept. Now Gold Tone is offering a wood armrest with the exact design of a traditional armrest and fits all hook spacing's up to 2 and 3/8"

I've got one of these and its a great alternative to the scuffed up looking nickel armrests and cold steel feel you get from most armrests. They really add a touch of class to your banjo too. Ross Nickerson


  • Glossy Armrest $42.00
  • Satin Armrest $42.00

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Apr 22, 2020
Super Nice Wooden Armrest
Made by Gold Tone, this is a quality wooden armrest. The connecting hardware is screwed into the wood with nice Phillips head screws, not cheap rivets. The workmanship of the wood is top notch. Very pleased with this item, and wished it was available years ago.

Jul 3, 2019
I love it !!
Hello Kathy, I just received the armrest. That was incredibly fast, and the color you picked is a perfect fit for my banjo, I love it !! As soon as I send this I will be installing it. Absolutely beautiful !! Thank you, Mark.

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