Little Mountain Wood Banjo Armrest Fits all Brackets and Looks Great

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Little Mountain Wood Banjo Armrest - Fits All Bracket Configurations

The Gold Tone Little Mountain Armrest is designed to fit banjos with any hook spacing.

Recently redesigned for the Bela Fleck Signature banjo.

It's unique mounting system rigidly holds the top plate free of the banjo tension hoop which helps tone which is why Bela Fleck uses one.

These Little Mountain wood banjo armrests pictured on this page were licensed by Gold Tone and are a little bit different in look  from the original Little Mountain Banjomate Thinline wood banjo armrests we also sell. Those can be seen at this page link.

Little Mountain Banjomate Thinline Wood Banjo Armrests

The Gold Tone licensed version has same unique mounting system that fits all bracket configurations as the Banjo Mate Thinline armrests but look slightly different. You may like this design or color better. They both work great and have the same advantages, take your pick.

This armrest also fits Deering Goodtime and Deering Artisan banjos. This is the only armrest I know of that does other than the uncomfortable metal band armrests those banjos come with when they are new The reason for that is this design configuration for the brackets will fit on the FLAT hooks that come on Goodtime banjos. Most armrests are made for banjos that have round head tightening bracket hooks.

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Jun 24, 2024
Little Mountain Music Thinline Armrest
I ordered the thinline armrest for my Deering 6 string Goodtime banjo, and it is wonderful. The curly maple, satin finish, is a nice match to the Deering maple finish. It installs easily, (very intuitive) and adjusts for a perfect fit. I would buy it again.

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