Engraved One Size Fits All Banjo Armrest - with Adapter - One Leg

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Banjo Armrest That Fits All Banjos
Fits 16,18 or 24 Bracket Banjos - Engraved

This clever chrome armrest, designed by Wayne Rogers, is engraved with the Gold Tone logo and flowers inlay. It fits all 11" rims with 16, 18, or 24 brackets. It will even fit other companies' banjos (such as the Deering Goodtime banjos).

This banjo armrest will fit any banjo with a standard 11 inch rim banjo no matter if it has a 16, 18, or 24 bracket head configuration, open back or resonator banjo. This one size fits all banjo armrest is the first of it's kind! The chrome matches most banjos too. The Fits All armrest is made for banjos with round head tightening brackets.

This armrest will not fit banjos that have FLAT brackets for tightening the head. 
Some lower cost banjos like the Washburn B7-A, Savannah SB-100 use flat head tightening hooks instead of the more common round hooks. Flat Hooks have a flat area just under the hook and then become round at the bottom so the nut will screw on them. The reason these armrests are called "Fits All" is because they fit any AMOUNT of brackets. not just traditional 24 bracket banjos like Gibson Mastertones. But most banjos have round hooks, not flat hooks.
So, these armrests fit all bracket spacing as long as the banjo has "round hooks".

Armrest for banjos with flat head tightening brackets

Does this armrest fit Deering Goodtime Banjos?
No they do not.
Because Deering Good Time and Good Time Artisan banjos use flat hooks instead of round hooks.

Here is a link to a metal armrest that fits a Good Time `
All other Goodtimes come standard with the metal armrest.
Deering Good Time Metal Armrest

Wood Armrest for Goodtime Banjos
Below is the only wood armrest that will fit a Good Time or Good Time Artisan banjo.
On this page link it pictures one on a Deering Good Time which has the flat hooks same as the Good Time Artisan does.
Wood armrest that fits Deering Good Time and Good Time Artisan Banjos

The Fit's All armrests are for banjos with 11 inch rims, round head brackets and 16 to 24 head brackets. 11 inch rims with an 11 inch banjo head are the most common size on banjos. You would have to have an antique or unique banjo for it to be a different than standard 11 inch size.


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