T-Wrench for Tightening the Banjo Head 1/4, 9/32 + 5/16

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Banjo Head T-Wrenches  - Banjo Head Tightening Key to Tighten Banjo Heads With

We carry the most common wrench sizes for tightening your banjo head

Find the right size banjo head tightening key T-Wrench sizes for tightening your banjo head.
Head Tightening Tools in the most common sizes, Most common 1/4 inch or 6.5mm, 5/8 or 7mm and the larger 5/16 or 7.3mm size.

1/4 inch or 6.5 mil Banjo T-Wrench
The 1/4 inch or 6.5 mil Banjo T-Wrench fits most standard size Heavier Bluegrass Banjos that have a one piece flange, 3 ply maple rim and flat head tone ring. Banjos patterned after the Gibson Masterone design like Goldtone, Recording King, Gold Star, Gibson, Deering, Stelling, and most resonator bluegrass banjos made today

7.0 mil Banjo T-Wrench - this size is between the 1/4 inch and 9/32 size which fits some types of open back like the Recordking King OT-25 and beginner banjos with attached resonators, like the Recording King RK20 and Morgan Monroe MNB-1

9/32 T-Wrench fits OPEN BACK Banjos used for Old Time and Clawhammer banjo styles with a larger than the standard 1/4 inch nut size Tip - and fits Goodtime Deering Beginner Banjos.

5/16 or 7.3 mil T-Wrench
Fits OPEN BACK Banjos with the larger ball shape on the nut.
This is the more common Open Back Old Time Banjo Bracket Nut size. They look like these
5/16 wrench for banjo

Smaller size wrench with screw driver (see images)
The smaller size wrench with screw driver fits most beginner banjos with the smaller nut size like, Oscar Schmidt, Gretch, Fender, Washburn and lower priced Gold Tone beginner banjos like the Gold Tone AC1, AC5, CC 100R and other aluminum pot banjos (AKA, bottle cap banjos) and generally speaking most banjos that cost under 400 to 500 dollars new.

Three Way Head Tightening Banjo Wrench - 1/4 inch 9/32 inch 5/16 in banjo head wrench tool
This wrench is a good alternative if you are not sure of the size or need more options is this 3 way wrench
they are great quality and fit easy in your case. $19 Details - 1/4 inch 9/32 inch 5/16 in banjo head wrench tool
1/4 inch 9/32 inch 5/16 in banjo head wrench tool

Special Deering Good Time Banjo Wrench Size  9/32
If you need to tighten and tune the banjo head on a Deering Goodtime Banjo the wrench for those is a bit bigger is the 9/32- wrench.

If you want to play it safe on getting the right size or you need two sizes, click over and try either the three way banjo head wrench or two way banjo tuning key to tighten the head.

The wrenches are money back guaranteed and and or can be exchanged if the size you purchase does not fit. You can also send an email or call with the type of banjo you have and we'll send the correct size.


  • 1/4 inch or 6.5mm - PB-081 - $6.95
  • 7.0mm - PB-080 - $6.95
  • 5/16 for Largest Bracket Nuts - out of stock
  • 9/32 inch - also fits Deering Good Time Banjos - $8.95
  • 3-Way T wrench - fits 1/4 inch 9/32 inch 5/16 - $19

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