Bracket J-Hooks for Tightening Banjo Head

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Replace Banjo J Hook Head Tightening Brackets

Replace banjo head j- hooks and brackets needed for tightening down the banjo head!

We have several different sizes of replacement banjo head brackets. Choose from different sizes, lengths and nut sizes.

Flat Hook with Nut

(2 1/4 inch)

These are for open back Miscellaneous banjos

J Ball J Hook with Nut

(2 1/4 inch) 

Fits Goldtone Cripple Creek Series Banjos and other less expensive beginner banjos

J Hook with Nut

(2 inch) 

Fits Heavier Flat Head Tone Ring 24 bracket Style Resonator Bluegrass Banjo's


  • Flat Hook with Nut - 2 1/4 inch
  • J Ball - J-Hook with Nut - 2 1/4 Length
  • J Hook with Nut - 2 inch
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