Neary Regal Tip Banjo Drum Torque Wrench with Optional T-Wrench

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Neary Regal Tip Banjo Head Banjo Torque Wrench

Precise Tension Tuning of Banjo heads

Get Better Tone by Balancing your Banjo Head Tension
Use the Regal Tip Torque Wrench to balance and equalize the amount of torque on all 24 brackets.

The Neary Regal Tip is used for balancing the head tension on your banjo by equalizing the amount of torque on all 24 brackets. It gives you precise tensioning of banjo heads. It adjusts head tension evenly all the way around for maximum tone. Practical and effective -- it removes the guesswork. It comes with an adapter that fits over traditional T-nut wrenches, allowing you to uniformly tighten hex nuts.

A Banjo Head tightening T wrench is necessary to make the Drum Torque wrench work on a banjo.

A yoke adapter is included with the Torque Wrench, but if you don't already have a T wrench, it's necessary to have one for Torque wrench to work properly. If you need one, we have an option below to add a 1/4 inch T-Wrench, which fits most standard size Banjos.

If your banjo does not use a 1/4 inch T wrench, we carry different size T-wrench's separately on this page link below. The "T" Style wrench like pictured above, of any nut size will work with the Neary Regal Tip Torque wrench.
Banjo T-Wrenches Different Sizes

I included some instructions for using the Torque Wrench Below

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  • Torque Wrench and Bit Only - No Added T-wrench
  • Torque Wrench with 1/4 Inch "T" Wrench - Add $10

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Neary Regal Tip Torque Wrench Settings

You will need a separate head tightening T shaped wrench to use the Neary Regal Tip Torque Wrench

  1. Attach the U shaped “Yoke” on the Torque Wrench
  2. Put the T wrench on one of the head bracket nuts
  3. Twist the Torque Wrench to the desired number.

To tighten your head approximately to a standard head tension of G#. Turn the Torque Wrench until the dial gets to number 10. Any tension between 7 and 12 can be used. The advantage of the Torque wrench is that you can achieve even pressure on all the head brackets. Different types of heads can use a different pressure number to achieve the desired tension. I would start with 10 and then experiment with other pressure settings for the desired tone and pressure.

Those are just some simple starting instructions for using the Torque Wrench in layman’s terms.
That is how I use the Torque Wrench.

General Tip on Banjo Head Tension
A banjo head needs to vibrate to produce sound. You are looking for the sweet spot. If you get it too tight, the head won’t vibrate enough, and it will be too trebly of a sound. If it’s too loose it won’t vibrate properly either and you will hear a kind of a non-responsive hollow sound.
Listen for where your banjo sounds best, that is always the best advice.

Ross Nickerson

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