Cheat-A-Keys Cam D-Tuners for Banjo

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Cheat-A-Keys Banjo Cam Style D-Tuners

Cam D-Tuners for Banjo that WORK THAT REALLY WORK!!

No Drilling required! Now you can use Cam Tuners with no alterations to your banjo!

Cheat-A-Keys Cam Tuners are special D tuners for banjo used to play songs like Flint Hill Special.
Cam Style Tuners produce better tone and with Cheat a Keys there is no drilling in your headstock or alterations on your banjo needed.

These ingenious Cam D-Tuners by Dave Brown are so much easier to use and only Cam D-tuners produce the authentic tone of the D tuners used by Earl Scruggs on songs like Earl's Breakdown and Flint Hill Special.

Cheat-A-Keys come in two sizes: Standard and Wide, are easy to install and will not scratch your banjo.

Which Size D Tuner?
Standard Size is for headstocks under 2" wide
Wide Size is for headstocks up to 2 1/2" wide.

The standard size is shown in the picture above and fits most banjos.
Only choose the wide size if you feel you may have an unusually wide peghead like an OB-2 Bowtie or an RK-35 or RK-36. My Stelling Required the wider size but other banjos I have use the standard size. I have measurements above if you are not sure

Do not hesitate to call if you need advice on the size - 1- 866-322-6567

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  • Standard size
  • Wider size

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Video Demonstrations of Cheat a Keys Banjo D-Tuners
See and Hear Ross Nickerson Demonstrate the D tuners on video below
Video Demonstration Playing Auld Lang Syne and Home Sweet Home on Banjo in D tuning using the "Cheat A Keys" Cam D Tuners.

New Video Addition
Bela Fleck using these D Tuners on his original song "Strider" while playing his signature model Gold Tone OB-Bela Bkuegrass Heart Banjo

Cam D-Tuners
The Cam tuner design replicates the tone accurately for these songs because Earl Scruggs used Cam Tuners. The big advantage to the Cheat-A-Keys Cam Tuners is Earl had to have holes drilled into his peghead and the Cheat_A-Keys are made so that no modifications to your banjo is needed, and they can be taken on and off. D-tuners are used so you can easily go between G and D tuning. They are also used for specialty songs that are fun and add a lot to your playing like Flint Hill Special, Earl's Breakdown and Foggy Mountain Chimes and many others.

No More Set Screws
Now you can spend less time messing with set screws on other D-tuners and concentrate on using the tuners when you need them. By using these tuners it allows you to use the normal pegs on your banjo for tuning without, setting, re-setting or adjusting of set screws. There is no working around the set screws on normal D-tuners when tuning your banjo. Once the Can Tuners are set, they stay set, and raise and lower your string the correct pitch no mater where your string is tuned.

Size Guarantee
If you were to receive these and they did not fit we are glad to exchange them. They also can be returned for 30 days for any reason,

Cheat a Keys Cam D tuners Video
I put the Cheat a Keys Cam D tuners on a Maple Deering Sierra and played Home Sweet Home in D tuning.

Bela Fleck Using these D-Tuners on "Strider" on his signature Gold Tone OB-Bela Bkuegrass Heart Banjo

Auld Lang Syne with Cheat a Key D-Tuners - Ross Nickerson

Notes from Ross Nickerson: They really do work, I am using them. They come on and off easy too. I don't always need D-tuners and I can put these on and take them off as I feel like it. Then I can use my regular tuning pegs without having to work around the set screws that are on normal D-tuners while doing every day tuning, and at shows. I am really, really impressed with these.

Dave Brown, the inventor has been the president of the Radio Controlled Airplane Association. He manufacturers all kinds of machined products for radio controlled airplanes. He is a banjo player and student himself, I met him at one my banjo workshops in Ireland. He was in Ireland landing the first ever Trans-Atlantic flight of a radio controlled airplane.

This style of tuner is similar to the original that Earl Scruggs used but the key to this version is it requires no drilling in to the headstock. They go on and come off easy. Again, if you try them and they don't work, you can send them back for a refund. I'm confident you will like them.They are now available in a wide version for Gibson Bowtie model, Goodtime banjos, Stellings or other extra wide peghead!

Choose what size you want below. if you get the normal size, and you needed the bigger size, you can return it for exchange. I filmed myself describing and demonstrating the new tuners.

You can call me if you need advice on which size to get. Ross 1-866-322-6567

Apr 9, 2021
Excellent tuners I bought a set and now have them on 3 banjos. Have used Keith’s since the late 1960s Easily adjusted to the cam tuners. They work so easily that the quick bends in Joy Belles are now possible for me. Wonderful product!!!!!

Dec 22, 2020
Cheat a keys
This are really great! Easy to install in no time at all. They are way better than any other d tuners on the market. So thanks cheat a keys!!!! Ross Nickerson thanks for helping me out. Really good service. I will definitely be buying more products from you in the future. Lord willing!!!!

Sep 12, 2019
many thanks
Hey Kathy To let you know I did receive the cheat-a-keys. Very happy with them. They work better than the other D tuners I've used! Again many thanks

Feb 14, 2017
cheat-a- keys
We received our cheat-a- keys today around noon and have them installed ,,They work great,,,,, Thanks again Ross,,,,

Apr 22, 2016
Earl's Breakdown never sounded better
My Cheatas arrived. I installed it, and Earl's Breakdown never sounded better. Thanks for your help. Have a great weekend.

Apr 6, 2016
A Bit of Fun with Cheat-A-Keys D-Tuners
These tuners are a lot of fun. I was previously using slides to approximate the tunings but I'm sure that isn't what Earl intended. To do it right, you need tuners of some kind, and these work great for me. I have used them on both the Deering Goodtime Special and the Deering Sierra and have checked tunings with chromatic tuners - spot on! Excellent engineering, with the added bonus that it transfers to my other instruments. Thank you.

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