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Gold Tone CC-OT - Beginner Clawhammer Open Back Banjo with FREE Beginner Kit
I learned 3 finger in the mid 1970's and have owned a Stelling Sunflower for 30+yrs. I turned 70 re ...
The Banjo Encyclopedia "Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z" by Ross Nickerson Special Edition Spiral Bound with Hard Copy CD
This book literally has everything, and I mean everything, banjo. You want history?..its got it. You ...
Scorpion Banjo Bridges by Silvio Ferretti
WOW!!I am amazed. I had hoped to get enough improvement in sound from my Stelling Red Fox to be ...
Gold Tone AC-1LN Long Neck Banjo - Amazing Quality and Price
Just wanted to thank you and let you know that I got the Goldtone long neck banjo last week and love ...
Gold Tone AC-12A Short Scale Travel Banjo With 12 Inch Rim
Ross is da man! First of all, he has quite a website and a ton of resources. I looked around at who ...
Guardian CG-500J Deluxe Heavy Padded Banjo Gig Bag Resonator Banjo - On Sale
I bought one of these for my Recording King resonator and absolutely love it! It’s as good as a h ...
Gold Tone OB-3 Mastertone™ Professional Banjo "The Twanger"
I got my banjo less than a week upon order and the setup was great. I played it right out of the box ...

5-String Tailpieces 

5-string Banjo Tailpieces

The top banjo tailpiece styles to choose from

Kershner, straight line, waverly, presto models, tailpieces found on vintage banjos.

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    Golden Gate Old Style Presto Banjo Tailpiece High Quality Nickel Plated Made by Saga the company that makes Gold Star banjosThis is the same Presto tailpiece that comes on the expensive Gold Star BanjosAn exact reproduction of the 1930s favorite. Oval hole for the third string. Made without a hinge in the style of the original Presto. Nickel-plated...
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    Replacement Tailpiece for Banjo - Presto Tailpiece Vintage Gibson Presto Style - Nickel PlatedThis tailpiece is made by Recording King to Prewar Gibson Mastertone Banjo SpecsThis Recording King Banjo tailpiece will replace any 5 string or 4 string banjo tailpiece for Recording King Banjos, Goldtone Bluegrass Banjos ,Deering Banjos, Huber, Morgan Monroe,...
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    Banjo Tailpiece - Waverly Style Triple Nickel Plated Brass (PB 117) Reproduction of the old Waverly style. Triple Nickel-plated brass. One screw adjusts the tension!Accommodates loop-end strings Ross NickersonThis Waverly Style lower priced replacement banjo tailpiece for 4 or 5 string banjo is triple nickel plated brass and works well on both 4-strings...
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    Gold Tone Terminator Tail Piece for 5-string Banjo Maximum Power and the Best Tone Guaranteed to never to bend. The Terminator makes maximum contact with the banjo's tension hoop for maximum power and the best tone. Easy string changing (accepts loop- or ball end-strings) and sleek appearance. The Terminator Tailpiece looks different from the...
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    KERSHNER BANJO TAILPIECE - NICKEL PLATED A reissue of the popular "Kershner" model tailpiece found on vintage models Triple nickel-plated brass Accommodates loop-end stringsThe Kershner tailpiece for banjo is often the most recommended by banjo set up pros for the best banjo tailpiece tone and overall sound. It is an excellent reissue of the original...
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    No Knot Od Time Banjo Style TailpieceUsed on many banjos in the early 1900's and still popular for the old-time open-back banjo.Nickel plated brass Non adjustable Bolt and nut included This no knot tailpiece is a perfect replacement for the design that works best on open back and old time banjos. Ross Nickerson
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    Banjo Tailpiece - Waverly Style Triple Nickel Plated Brass (P-110) Reproduction of the old Waverly style. Triple Nickel-plated brass. One screw adjusts the tension!Accommodates loop-end strings This Waverly style lower priced replacement banjo tail piece for 5 string banjo works well on all 5 strings. I can recommend them as a good all around...
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    Open up the sound in your banjoThis Gold tone banjo tailpiece can be used to replace all 5-string gold tone banjo tailpieces. The Straightline 5 string banjo tailpiece is specially designed for stability,keeping your banjo in tune and producing the best and most balanced tone.  This tailpiece will work as a replacement tailpiece for any bluegrass...
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    Presto Cast Tailpiece - 5PRESCAST-CJ Presto Cast Tailpiece as used on the Bela Fleck Bluegrass Heart Banjo and endorsed for tone by Bela Fleck This presto "Gibson" style cast banjo tailpiece from Gold Tone is a solid great sounding tailpiece. It is the tailpiece used and designed for the Bela Fleck Bluegrass heart model banjo and is endorsed for tone by...
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    Clamshell Style Banjo Tailpiece This "Clamshell" replacement banjo tail piece is made from solid brass and triple nickel-plated. The spring controlled string cover vintage Clamshell or Bearclaw design also has fully adjustable down pressure with an adjustment screw on the tailpiece.  · A reissue of the popular "Clamshell" model tailpiece found on...
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