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Reset the Bridge on a Five String Banjo

Reset the Bridge on a Five String Banjo

Watch a video on how to re-set your banjo bridge by Ross Nickerson.
This video goes in to more detail and shows you how to set the bridge so the intonation is correct and the banjo plays in tune up and down the neck. The bridge is placed the same distance from the 12th fret as the distance from the 12th fret to the nut (nut is located where the strings go through at the peg head). The intonation or tuning can be fine tuned with an electronic tuner and using harmonics. This is described and demonstrated in the video.

Newsletter Sale: Snuffy Smith Bridges in variety of styles and features.
Another great feature of the Snuffy Smith Bridge is the availability and versatility of having so many size options to choose from. I carry different sizes in my case for changes in my string action caused by normal fluctuating temperatures and humidity changes. I don't like having to bring my banjo in for set up every time my action gets to low or too high. When I'm playing a banjo with a Standard 5/8 bridge I have handy a 9/16 which is slightly lower and the 21/32 which is slightly higher. It sure beats twisting the coordinator rods or making truss rod adjustments. I don't find that the small variation in bridge sizes affects my picking or feel and it is a much better alternative to buzzing strings with the action being too low or higher action than I am used to.

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