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Greg Allen Signature Model Stainless Steel Banjo Picks
Some people’s fingers are to close together when playing with the coated picks. So I can coat them ...
Gold Tone OT-800 Long Neck
My first banjo was a goldtone and it has served me well. However many of the musicians who led me to ...
Gold Tone AC-5+1 Banjo with an Extra Low G String
Very good banjo been playing it a long time and it's held up.
Gold Tone OB-Grandee Gold Plated Bluegrass Banjo Granada
This is the banjo I have been searching for all my life. I bought a Twanger a few years back, and i ...
Gold Tone CC-100RW (WIDE NECK) and Case FREE Beginner Package
I have played other instruments in my life and was set on getting a banjo at some point. Where I'm f ...
Gold Tone OB-Grandee Gold Plated Bluegrass Banjo Granada
Got the banjo today and couldn't be happier. It's beautiful and sounds really pretty. If I played ...
Gold Tone OB-150 Bluegrass Banjo with Brass Flathead Tone Ring
Got my banjo today! Oh my goodness! Your going to get me fired from work,all I want to do is sit aro ...

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Goldtone Banjo Reviews
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Review for Goldtone Pat Cloud PC Banjola
...Hi Ross, I received the Gold Tone PC banjola I ordered from you last month and I am really happy with the instrument. Thank you so much for a great deal and excellent customer service. This was the third instrument I've ordered from you. The first was a Tenor special 250 AT, for my wife. Then last year I ordered the PS-250 for myself. The service was outstanding for each order and the instruments were as close to perfect as you can get. They were ready to play right out of the box. We are now members of a local banjo club and they were impressed with our banjos. One of the members decided to order a new banjo from you and he is also happy with his new banjo. I am really amazed with the free lessons and membership that came with my banjola. The lessons are high quality, easy to follow and follow a logical sequence. Thanks again, Ross Sincerely, Rocky Bellomy

Awesome Customer Service
.... this happens to be the second time Ross has gone further than I ever expected. The last time he actually took my call while driving , to explain the purchase of one of his Banjos, again I was astonished by his patience and help. I would say without reservation, Ross Nickerson is "a cut above" Thanks again - John

Review Deering Goodtime 2 - Great First Banjo for the Novice
... I received my Deering Goodtime 2 yesterday from and couldn’t be more pleased. It’s a very playable and user friendly instrument (if that makes sense). What I wasn’t prepared for was just how beautiful an instrument it is with its blonde maple shade of coloring. I was playing it late last night and resumed playing as soon as I woke up this morning so that I could get in some additional practice time before going to work. Customer service was first rate from start to finish. Ross phoned me twice to provide me details regarding my order. You simply don’t get that kind of customer attention anywhere else in this modern world of online shopping, very refreshing. BanjoTeacher is now my shopping site of choice for all my banjo needs.
Gerry Losardo

Customer from Netherlands
...Thanks for the time spent and advice you’ve given me. I really appreciate the effort expended, and the results, of your website and the depth of resources you are providing your clients. Being able to directly speak with Ross was a huge factor in my placing the right order and buying today. Your flexibility to tailor to my situation was much more than I expected; but very much appreciated. You’ve provided me the confidence of starting something I should have long ago. Now I’m excited to get my hands on the instrument. Thanks again, Budd

I can't wait to start my journey with my banjo
....Dear Ross and Kathy I received the banjo yesterday ... I am extremely satisfied with the quality of the instrument and hard case. All the extra starters' kit pieces were intact and I can't wait to start my journey with my banjo. The finish on the banjo is excellent and the deep brown colour and clear varnish makes a quality instrument and the tight fit of the hard case just makes it all complete. The person that assembled this instrument obviously takes great pride in their work. I am very happy that I placed my order with your company and hope to do further business with you and rest assured that if I can recommend your company to anyone looking for a banjo of quality then I will do so freely. Yours Sincerely John Gerard McMillan

Review of Orange Blossom 250
....Ross, Six months ago I purchased an Orange Blossom 250 banjo from you. I am extremely happy with this purchase and will recommend your site to my friends for years to come. Your recommendation for this banjo was perfect and I can not emphasize how happy I am with the banjo and the included instructional DVD's. Thank you for making my passion more enjoyable. Very Respectfully, David

This kind of service is extraordinary
.....Just a quick note to say thanks for the outstanding, superlative service you provided. I called six days ago about a beginner banjo package…you answered all of my questions in terms I, as a beginner, could understand. When I told you I needed the banjo soonest, you called the factory direct and made sure not only that I got it by the date I needed it (I got it today, five days early!), but you got an upgrade for me at the same price! This kind of service is extraordinary, and extraordinarily rare. I’m just starting out, but you can count on me coming back to

Review of WL-250 Banjo
.....I wanted to let you know that I received the order this afternoon and to thank you for the great service. This is my 3rd order from and I have been completely satisfied with everything from the banjo parts/accessories to the WL-250 banjo that I have purchased. Keep up the good work.
Thank you, David

The Gold Tone CC100r+ is beautiful
...... Just wanted to let you know that everything has arrived just as advertised. Everything is fantastic. Your customer service is superb. I appreciated the personal service. The banjo itself - the Gold Tone CC100r+ is beautiful. Simple. I couldn't tell from your video's but it really is a nice warm rustic brown, like chocolate. Sounds great too. Mellow like. Sounds just like I hoped my first banjo would sound. Rings well but not tinny or annoying.
Thanks for everything you do. I wish you all the best in the world. Keep up the great work
Sincerely, Kevin L. Bowker

Review of the BG 150F
....... I wanted to let you guys know that I received my new BG 150F. it had actually arrived on Feb 24/11, I ordered it on Feb 17/11 it was shipped on the 18th,it arrived it perfect condition extremely well packed. Was much nicer than I was hoping for, it is a beautiful little Banjo and I sounds great. All I had to do was tune it a bit and it was good to go. Thanks so much guys, you and Gold Tone get 5 stars. Thanks again. One very happy customer Mike Foster
P.S The upgraded hard case is well worth the $69.00, very nice case

The Longneck White Ladye
....... Hi Ross, This is the 2nd banjo I've ordered from you, and the second time I'm glad I did. Although The Longneck White Ladye is not listed on your sight, I called you, Got a price and two days later called on the phone and got it. The price was super, and the banjo is terrific! I hope your business continues to flourish. Regards, Elgis
- Thanks Elgis, the LongNeck is now on our site.

Banjola Deluxe Review
....... Hi Ross, received my new banjola delux today. I love everything about it, the tone, the sustain, and light weight. Thanks again for all your help and especially for the super service. My wife give me a new set of Nick picks and a blue chip pic she ordered from you for my birthday yesterday, so with the new banjola I'm ready to go. Thanks again. Stephen Scott

Recording King RK-76 - Awesome Banjo and Awesome Service
......I consider myself a newbie with the banjo though I have played guitar for over 40 years. I was using a Fender 54 banjo that I thought was pretty good but wanted something a little more -- a little more "inspirational". I had purchased some banjo supplies from Ross Nickerson's online store and have been very pleased with both the products and service as well as his online banjo lessons. I checked out Mr. Nickerson's list of banjos he had on his online store and after some research it came down to two banjos I was interested in. So I emailed Mr. Nickerson to see which he thought might be best for me. I gave him a little background information in my email. Mr. Nickerson responded right away and wished to speak to me by phone. Anyway, to shorten things up, he called me and we discussed which banjo might be best for me. After answering some questions as well as sharing some information, I decided on the Recording King RK-76. Once we made the deal, Mr. Nickerson told me he would include several learning DVD's which he thought might prove beneficial in my quest to become a banjo player. My new banjo arrived a few days later. It was absolutely beautiful! I immediately noticed the weight difference between the RK and my Fender. The RK was much more solid than my Fender. As soon as my fingers pressed on the strings and I strummed it for the first time, wow! With the sound that came out, I knew I had made the right choice. The ease of finger to string to fret board was incredible. The sound not only rang out but sustained beautifully. Ross did me well. Thank you so much Mr. Nickerson!!!! I appreciated your help and information in assisting me in my selection of this great instrument!

Deering Goodtime One Review
......... Deering makes this Goodtime banjo. has an amazing deal on this banjo with all the goodies you get. I have played many of these Goodtime banjos with and without the resonator. The Goodtime series is a very well built banjo and a great sounding banjo too. There is a coolness about having one. These are fun to play too. Very basic and very nice. Some banjo pickers say get one just to have it. I know why they say this. Even this basement basic of the DEERING line is just as good as the rest of their line. This projects very well and the resonator versions of the Goodtime will surprise you too. Its a fun banjo and it lives up to its name Goodtime.

Deluxe 5-String Deering Banjo
...........I ordered and received my new Deering Deluxe, and it is awesome. With advice from Ross in adding the zero glide nut and capo spikes, I am thrilled with the tone and clarity. It is a pleasure to practice and play this fine instrument. It came ready to go. Glenn

CC100R Banjo Review
My new CC100R with the planetary tuners and beginners kit arrive on time and intact.Thank you for making sure Gold Tone corrected the shipping address while on route.I’m telling you … I was like a kid awaiting Christmas. And to say the least… it was well worth the wait.The banjo is beautiful and sounds awesome. I’m so happy I checked out your site before making a purchase.
You guys are the best! Thanks Again Don Lemay

CC100R Banjo Purchase from Australia
...Thanks for keeping in touch during the purchasing phase of my new Goldtone OB 250+. Buying a banjo from Australia and getting it shipped to my sister's house was something I was not keen to do but was real important to me as my Dad is not long for this earth and I came up from "down under" wanted to share some time and music with him. And the delivery occurred just as you said. The instrument and all accessories were at the house and waiting when I arrived. And I have to admit I was not expecting what I got. I own a 20 year old banjo that was hand made in Kentucky and is an absolute delight. I didn't think anything would come close to it but I figured a "storebought" could be my workhorse, campfire banjo.
Surprise. The OB250+ is a real gem with a slightly stronger voice than my handmade. I like it as much or more than my old banjo. It feels great to play and with a few hundred hours of playing will get even better. The neck, with its tiger stripes and the inlay and all are pleasing just to look at and even the case is a cut above other cases!
So anyway. Thanks again. It really meant a lot and you really came through for me.

Loving it
...We received the book/CD on Wednesday and the banjo arrived Friday! Adam is playing it, following your book/CD, and LOVING IT! It sounds
G R E A T ! ! ! Thank you!

Terrific Service
hello Kathy, Ross, Just a quick note to let you know that my banjo has arrived today safe and sound, thanks for the terrific service, Jules

Buying a Banjo in Australia banjo arrived today in one piece and looks and feels great ,the case is 1st class .im a happy man. (shipping from america to my post office in vic,australia took only 6 days )i like the weight- finish-action and tone .(would you believe the banjo was in tune ) it was my lucky day when i discovered you over the internet and i will have no hesitation in recomending your service. oh by the way im making full use of your members only site that was a great bonus. i know youve heard this praise many times before,but it is deserved. geoff draper

Recording King RK R36 Customer
...Hi Ross, My RK 36 arrived today and it is perfect - everything I had hoped it would be. I will enjoy it for many years to come. Thanks also for your CD “Evolution.” I especially like your rendition of “Early Morning Rain,” one of my favorite songs. I look forward to Fundamentals CD/DVD package, too. Best, Case

Another pleased Australian Customer
.....Thank you very much for your help in attending to my order. I am very pleased with the banjo and the dvd so far seems to be ideal as a starter for me on this instrument. Please thank Ross also for his advice. You can tell your other Australian/NZ customers that it is also a very good time for them to purchase out of the USA as the exchange rate here is as good as it has been for a long time. Best regards, John .....Thanks for beating my lowest quote and I will definitely will be back to order again! Great customer service.

I appreciate your communication
.....The Banjo just arrived and everything seems to be just as good as you described. So far I am very happy with it. I can already tell the difference from my other banjo. It is even more fun to play. Thanks for your help and patience thru the process. I appreciate your communication. I will let you know how it goes from here. Bert

What a gorgeous banjo - The RK-35 has arrived
.............Hi Ross, The RK-35 has arrived, and what a gorgeous banjo it is! Thank you very much for getting this banjo to me with all you’ve been through in Florida recently. I’ve just tuned it up and played of couple of my recent lessons on it, and wow, does it ever sound different than the Goodtime. Incredible. Richer and clearer is how my novice banjo ear would describe it

Recording King RK R 35 Customer

....You and your Company are extremely pleasant to deal with. So far, your Company is the best out there. Not only are you an excellent Banjo player, but you have a sincere pledge in helping people. Thanks again Sir. I appreciate you helping me select the right Banjo for my needs. Your the best!

banjo was perfectly in tune
.....When I opened the case, the banjo was perfectly in tune and had a straight neck. It sounds great and I'm very pleased with the product. I am even more pleased with your communication with regard to my purchase. P.S. Thanks for the book too.

Thank You for Member Site
....HI! Just received my new banjo, (Love it!!) it is very nice.
PS. I got into your member site. Thank you!! And the book is great

Left-handed, gold- plated OB250 plus absolutely beautiful
.......Ross, I recently received my left-handed, gold- plated OB250 plus 5-string banjo and I must say that it is absolutely beautiful...The tone. clarity, volume and craftmanship was much more than I expected. I have received many favorable comments from other pickers. I want to thank for processing this special order in a timely fashion and my hats off to you!!! Jim Quick, OKC, OK
......Hi Ross, I just wanted to thank you for the great deal on the Gold Tone banjo. I received it last week and absolutely love it.

Impressive Service

My banjo was delivered to me in Canada on Monday afternoon by Fed-Ex. (impressive service) The Banjo is just sweet. Thanks very much!

Gold Tone Dojo Review
.....Hi, Just a note to say that the Gold Tone Dojo I ordered from you has arrived, I've played it, and it's a great instrument. A lot of fun to play. Thanks again for working with me, if it weren't for your flexability and kind spirit, I could never have gotten it.

Recording King RK R36 Customer

...Ross, The banjo arrived earlier today in mint condition. The sound quality is like night and day different my the one I have. Thanks for all your efforts. I'm going to enjoy the new one for a very long time. Also, thanks for all your great service. Tom Joplin

The Banjola - personal attention
Hi Ross,
The banjola came today – sparklingly beautiful and tuned in G. I appreciate your attentiveness to my order. Although we have never met, your personal attention to my order made me feel like I was making this purchase from a trusted friend.
Thanks! Cheers, Doug in MD

Hello Ross, ……The banjo arrived safe and sound (and *almost* perfectly in tune) and I love it. And it got here well in time for the performance I had scheduled, for which I’m extra-grateful
This new CC 100 sounds tremendous. It sounds like I've always thought a banjo should sound. There's no need to muffle it and it doesn't have that annoying ringing. It plays in tune all the way up and down the neck and is eminently playable— the notes jump right out of it and I can make C7s to my heart’s content. I've tried it in every tuning I know and even a few I don't know, and it doesn't seem to care;
it just bucks up and sounds great.
Peter Beck, Publications Coordinator, The John Marshall Law School

.....Ross, My goldtone 250F arrived two days ago and its wonderful, just what I wanted. Also, your banjo encyclopedia and your scrugg's style instruction book are amazing, it'll take me a lifetime to master all this -- what fun! Best wishes, Josh

Recording King RK R 35 review
Received my new Recording King RK 35 from your Company. Well packaged and the Banjo is flawless. WOW!, what a clear crisp sound. You did an excellent job in setting up this Banjo. The notes are much clearer than my old one. The notes really "pop" out at you. I took a chance on purchasing this Banjo without first playing it, but I could not be happier. Thanks again for your time and expertise in helping me select the right Banjo for my needs. This one is a keeper Sincerely, Kim Barnes

Recording King 75 Elite

All I can say is WOW. I bought the 75 from Ross Nickerson at three months ago (it is March 24, 2018 now, bought the 75 January 22, 2018 and it was at my house 4 days later) and have put off posting a review because I wanted to see how the banjo settled in over a little time. The more I have played the 75 the better it sounds. Want to mention that dealing with Ross was nothing but a pleasure. Ross is not as much interested in selling instruments as he is in helping players. Ross is a world of information and is willing to share his knowledge on anything you ask. How many music stores can you call and the owner answers the phone? Ross in a professional player, and a professional to deal with, I really can't say enough about my experience dealing with and with Ross.Back to the 75, it has everything you are looking for in a banjo. The sound is consistent picking low on the neck or high, the feel is amazing, and the look of the banjo is well let me say I enjoy just looking at it, looking doesn't last long because I have to have it in my hands. I have found no flaws, and I have really looked it over closely. Oh, Ross also throws in a lot of really good learning materials, that are well written and the DVD's are done VERY well. My experience with the 75 has been VERY positive, and dealing with Ross has been beyond what I would have expected. Thanks Ross for caring about players and for being the processional that you are. You won't and can't go wrong dealing with Ross.

BG 150F customer
......Hi Ross, A couple of month’s back I purchased a Gold Tone BG150-F from you, and today just ordered the Banjo Encyclopedia as well. I just wanted to let you know that the learning process has been going great! I'm just finishing up with the "Fundamentals" book and figured it was time to step up to the next level. I couldn't be happier with the BG150. The tone and quality of the instrument are perfect for my needs, and I've never had more fun learning an instrument in my life. Who says an old dog can't learn new tricks? Your instruction books and videos help make the learning experience smooth and satisfying. Thanks for everything. See you around the WEB. Sincerely, Will Renfro

Diego, banjo customer from Spain

......Hi Ross, It's done! I've received banjo, strap, support and CDs today in the noon. Last wednesday I received the 4 strings sets. Everything is alright, how I waited, just left to say ¡ thank you very much ! Best regards! Diego

Deering Banjos Revuew

I received the Goodtime Special Ross and I love it. I see now what a tone ring does. The notes sustain much longer and they ring like a harpsichord or something. The best thing though is the neck. I can hit the chords perfect now almost every time. I was having problems with my Chinese banjo. My middle finger kept muting the third string in the C chord. No more though with this Deering. Lots of room for my fingers now. The neck feels a lot better now too. Much easier to fret. Anyway I'm very satisfied. My Nick picks and Bluechip thumb pick came today too so I'm set now. Those Nick Picks feel so nice and fit much better. Shows you get what you pay for. Thanks again Ross! Best Christmas for me in many years! I feel that Christmas magic like when I was 10 years old again!

......Hi Ross, ...... received my Left handed Gold Tone 0B300 today! .........beautiful instrument,
sharper tone than my OB250, very playable...thanks for all your help. DAVE D Ogd. NY

Ross! Ross! Ross! My new banjo arrived today in perfect condition, just some slight tuning required. Wow, what a difference in sound from my student model Rover. The OB 250+ plays so loud and crisp. I can't wait to show my instructor next week. Adjusting to the heavier weight and lower arm rest took only minutes. And the GS bridge is so much better. You were phenominal to work with. Great follow up on the communication. Thanks for taking time to personally supervise the transaction with me and thanks for the senior discount. I love it and I'm sure I'll practice twice as much. The book arrived and I'm on the email now for the free lessons. You are an amazing person and thanks for sharing your gift with me. When you get to heaven, show those angels how to "tear it up".
God Bless, Shane Schwaneke, Hurt, Virginia, SHOOTER .......Hi Ross, I received my Gold Tone banjitar on Thursday and my banjo strap today. I love them both. The banjitar is awesome. It sounds wonderful and it put a whole different kick to our trio. Thank you so much for your wonderful service. I know I did not give you lots of time to fill this order, but you came through and I am just delighted in the banjitar and in you and banjo If I need any other string products, be sure I will be calling upon banjo teacher. Sincerely, Kathy Van Deventer

.......Ross, these days it's hard to find good service and a great product. You were very responsive when I had questions and I am very pleased with how everything turned out. You are looking at the proud owner of a brand new Banjola :) .Many thanks, Ryder Lane

Recording King RK R75

...all I can say is WOW!!! This banjo is killer, everything and more than I thought it would be!... read more reviews below

.......Ross: Thank you! Received the instrument this afternoon. So glad I took your advise on the upgrade to the BGF150F. At that price point, this instrument is gorgeous! Setup looks, feels and sounds great. Can't wait to get into the learning experience. Wish me luck. Dennis Perry, Amherst, NY

Hi Ross - I received the banjo today - I love it. It even smells great - the wood is beautiful. As I've been studying your book (since yesterday). The sound is gorgeous. I love it - I'm so happy. Your book is great - please tell the Rogers that their banjo rocks. What a beautiful instrument.

White Laydie Banjo Shipped to France
Hello Ross, I received the banjo yesterday. It’s nice and sounds great. Thank you again. What about your stay in Paris? Sincerely. Pierre
.........Ross, I got my banjo today. What kind of vitamins have you been feeding this banjo? UNBELIEVABLE. I got a Gibson RB 3 in 1988. In a moment of temporary insanity, I sold it. I have been bereft ever since.(2 years). Now I am elated that I sold it. This OB250+ is louder and stronger in every way. Mahogany may be a bit warmer, but it can not compete with OB250+. And that RB 3 was a truly great banjo.

Thank you for the great work you are doing. Your service has been the best I have ever experienced. I am 66 years old, so I'm not talking about a few purchases. You are the best.

Thank you, Wayne Grievo

Review on Gold tone Orange Blossom OB 175

....Hey Ross,, I wanted to give it a couple of weeks before I wrote to tell you how much I love this new banjo. The OB-175 arrived just before I had to leave on vacation, so unfortunately I wasn't able to spend much time with it until I returned, but it arrived in perfect condition. I had two gigs this past week though, and the difference is amazing. The guys in the band even commented on how much better the sound was. Thanks so much for steering towards this one. The CD you sent seems like it will give me some really good ways to improve, too, and I love the clip-on tuner. All in all, a terrific buying experience for me. I'm looking forward to a year of great banjo learning. Thanks again. Kenny Comeaux, Columbus, GA

Testimonial for Goldtone Dojo shipped to Australia
........Hi Ross, The dojo + book & DVD arrived today in perfect condition, thanks to Fed Ex. Just over a week to Australia - that's pretty good! We have already had a jam tonight and the dojo is playing well. Many thanks Ross for your great service. Sue Robinson

...... I had my first lesson Friday night and my teacher was very impressed with my Cripple Creek banjo and the value pack. He told me I did very well. So more business may come your way. I watched the first couple of lessons from your video Sunday and found them to be first rate. I also started to read your book and it is superior to others I’ve bought. I liked how you credited Earl Scruggs and the explanations are very clear

.......You get my highest recommendation and feel free to use me in your endorsements.

Hey Ross,
I just wanted you to know that the BC350+ arrived a few days ago. The set up was perfect, and I'm really finding the scoop and the wider string spacing helpful. This is one heck of a nice instrument for the money! Alan

....Banjo Shipped to New Zealand.....Hi Ross,
The Gold Tone OB250 arrived safe and sound (it was in tune straight out of the box!). I am very happy with the instrument and your service. I will be recommending to one and all down here in NZ. Thanks Jerry Mussa.

...From the Phillipines
.......Mr. Ross, thanks a lot for helping me with the banjo. i received it a few days ago. perfect condition. thanks again for the beginning package. the book is really important for me, i'm happy because the banjo.vmany thanks again!! best, Duto...

From a customer from France.......I received my banjo from Gold Tone last Friday, it is just really nice and i like it.
For the different order i have made , you have been just perfect (tracking, informative..), the service is just really quick and good. For the left thumbpick, i will appreciate if you could do so; if this is not to costly for the invoice to France , regarding the price of the thumbpick. Thanks again for all what you have done , it was perfect. Marc

..From a customer in Italy .... Hi Ross, I received the banjo today!!! wonderful!!! ... All is Ok! ... I am playing it now and I mean to play until late tonight ;) ... Well I want express my thanks to you now, and communicate as well that I will not forget your name for my next purchasing, possibly next year, and sure I will make your name to friends who want to buy a banjo... Ross! I wish you all the best and again thanks alot. Emanuel.

....Goldtone customer in Australia..... Howdy Ross, book and dvd, cd arrived this afternoon, it sure is good value, just the lessons i need,Thanks for everything, great dealing with the banjoteacher, Cheers John T

...Goldtone Banjola customer from England ........I Purchased Banjola from Banjo and was very impressed with the high level of care and attention taken in responding to my email enquiries. Instrument arrived (US to UK) in perfect condition, with free gift arriving shortly afterwards.

......The banjo arrived today and I'm very happy with it! Great sound, really nice looking instrument. I'm pleasantly surprised by how quickly I got a real banjo sound going with the first roll in the book - and I'm taking it really slowly like you said... The book, and the DVD are great - it makes a huge difference to be able to watch you doing it and then trying it myself. I'm having lots of fun, which is what this is all about, so many thanks for your help with getting started, and hope to catch up with you on one of your trips down under. Cheers, Bob, Adelaide, Australia .....Goldtone Banjitar customer from Germany....Hi Ross, my new Banjtar arrived here in Berlin today in a top condition. I thank you very much for the prompt delivery. It is sure a wonderfull instrument, setup just perfect. It only had to be tuned (it wasn't but slightly out of tune!) It has been a pleasure doing business with you. Living in Europe and buying overseas is always a little risky - this time it wasn't :-) Well now I'll go play some banjo. Thanks again and greetings from Berlin Mogens Toudahl

I wanted to thank Ross. I was having trouble with the pay pal the day I ordered my banjo. He called later that same day to straighten everything out. He waited until half-time during a Denver Bronco’s football game, just in case I was watching. I am not a football fan, but was very impressed that he would be considerate enough to wait, just in case..Thanks! Kirk Kemp Lakewood, CO
White Laydie Banjo Shipped to France
Hello Ross, I received the banjo yesterday. It’s nice and sounds great. Thank you again. What about your stay in Paris ? Sincerely. Pierre

White Laydie Banjo Shipped to France
Hello Ross, I received the banjo yesterday. It’s nice and sounds great. Thank you again. What about your stay in Paris ? Sincerely. Pierre

White Laydie Banjo shipped to Australia
Ross ...I am more than happy with my new Gold Tone Banjo, Banjo arrived safely.... excellent service,
thanks again ...superfast to get here by the way, very impressive.
Superb service. Very Highly Recommended!!

Banjo shipping to Australia banjo arrived today and looks and feels great. I'm a happy man.(shipping from america to my post office in vic, australia took only 6 days ) i like the weight- finish-action and tone .(would you believe the banjo was in tune ) it was my lucky day when i discovered you over the internet and i will have no hesitation in recomending your service. oh by the way im making full use of your members only site that was a great bonus. i know youve heard this praise many times before, but it is deserved. geoff draper

Deering Gootime 1 beginner banjo

Even in the short time that I have had it, I find it almost irresistible for its light weight and tone (just snatch it off the rack and practice for a while;) John C

Hi Ross!
I picked up my new OB 250+ today.I'm so impressed. I guess new owners are a little prejudiced, but I gotta tell ya, this has got to be one of - if not the most beautiful banjo ever!!!!!!!!!! And it sounds so great!!!!! It is absolutely one of the best buys I have ever made. I know I sound like a silly kid, but it was much more than I expected, and I expected a perfect instrument in every way.

........Ross, I recently received my left-handed, gold- plated OB250 plus 5-string banjo and I must say that it is absolutely beautiful...The tone. clarity, volume and craftmanship was much more than I expected. I have received many favorable comments from other pickers. I want to thank for processing this special order in a timely fashion and my hats off to you!!! Jim Quick, OKC, OK

.....Goldtone WL250 Customer from Belgium....Hey Ross, Today I got my WL250 banjo, I'm very surprised that I got her so fast ;-)good delivery service, it's just the way I wanted her to be, nice sound,good quality like a good banjo has to be.
I want to thank you again for the good work. Best regards, Guido Terwingen from Belgium

......Goldtone BG 250F customer in Australia....G'day,my banjo arrived today. Absolutely fantastic. Can't wait to have a crack at it. Thanks for your imput in helping me select a good banjo and your patience. Hope all is well and have a great Chrismas. Graeme.

......That's damn good service! Thank you Ross. I recently ordered a very cheap banjo online and am now having to return it since the resonator was in very bad shape. It was a pleasure to deal with someone I can actually 'talk' to and I am VERY anxious to see that sparkly new banjo!!! Thanks again for your effort and for the back and forth phone conversations. I really do appreciate your help.
Cheers, Rory McCulloch

...... I did a fair amount of research before I decided to buy the Gold Tone BG-150F from you. I had narrowed my choices down to the BG-150 and the Morgan Monroe Cascade, both were within my price range, but when I heard you playing the Gold Tone in the demo video on your site, I was sold on the tone right away. I was also very impressed with your 'service after the sale', which to me, is very important. (I'm going to need all the help I can get!) Anyhow, thanks for the response, and I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time at your site over the next year or so.
Sincerely, William Renfro

OB 250 / Customer from Nerthelands
Hello Ross, I just received the banjo and ten minutes later The banjo encyclopedia. The banjo is perfect and so is the hard case. The instrument just looks great, really much much more than I expected. Great sound too. And now we have to practice. I’m sure I will have lots of fun playing this banjo. Many thanks, Wim. By the way, there is even a spike at the 8th fret.

Customer Service
Ross, thank you for your prompt reply. I just spoke with Tommy at Goldtone and he is sending the replacement backing plate right out. I am impressed with the service of both yourself and Goldtone. Customer service seems to be a forgotten commodity today but I am happy to see that it is not forgotten at and Goldtone. Once again, thank you. Don Luttrell

OB 250 arch top
..... Ross, Just got my 250AT , OMG i cant belive what a differance a good banjo makesi got on the 14th of Feb. 2011 the case is very nice......, i can fret the strings a lot better. thought i would let ya know, thank you for all the converstation's back and forth. carl leibengood

OB 250 Customer from New Zealand

....Hi Ross, Thank you for forwarding banjo. I am now the very proud owner of a Goldtone OB 250,which arrived in New Zealand on 19th March in excellent condition. For many years I have wanted to play the 5 string banjo and now that I am semi retired I look forward having a go.
I'm delighted with the learners package.

CC 100R with Planetary tuners review got here today and it is perfect. this has been the easiest transaction. youve been extremely helpful and youve got a long term customer. thanks again..greg

We have more reviews on the individual banjo pages too.

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Thank you! .....When I opened the case, the banjo was perfectly in tune and had a straight neck. It sounds great and I'm very pleased with the product. I am even more pleased with your communication with regard to my purchase. P.S. Thanks for the book too.

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