Stokes Top Quality Capo - Standard "B" Capo - Capos to 4th Fret

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The best banjo capo of it's kind on the market.

Hand designed and crafted by banjo innovator, Bill Stokes. I recommend these over any capo like it out there.
This is the type I use, because you can adjust the pressure on the strings the easiest. These are extremely well made, will last forever.

This is the best model to get if you are only capoing as high as the 4th fret for the keys of A, Bb and B
Best model to get if you are capoing as high as the 5th fret for the key of C

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Bill Stokes Premium Banjo Capo

Mar 14, 2020
Beautiful craftsmanship
The Capo arrived as stated yesterday !!!!! Beautiful craftsmanship !!!!!

Oct 9, 2017
Stokes Top Quality Capo
I just wanted to thank you for the great banjo capo, which I ordered via Ross Nickerson’s Banjo Teacher site. It’s a beauty, and I like it’s small size and how it accurately sets the strings with only moderate tension application. I’ll be ordering a B-Capo for my son,

Aug 10, 2015
Beautifully crafted
I just upgraded to this capo from a more basic banjo capo, and I am very glad I did. This capo is top quality. Beautifully crafted and it really helps foster a clear sound when capo-ing up the neck. Very fine banjo capo.

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