" Torti" - Tortoise Shell Replica Thumb Pick

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These thumb picks are great, I'm really hooked on them.

Tortoise shell thumb pick for guitar or banjo that produces the tone you are looking for but with using a special composite "legal" and animal friendly material.

Now in left handed or right handed medium and large sizes. Bill Stokes makes the thumb picks for left handed banjo and guitar players custom for us.

Banjo player and inventor Bill Stoke's thumb pick closely replicates the tortoise shell tone. (tortoise shell picks are illegal) Years ago, picks were made from real tortoise shell but that practice has been against the law for many years so entrepreneurs and designers have been trying their best to come up with a suitable replacement. The trick has been to come up with a thumb pick that provides the tone of the old tortoise shell picks and keep the costs down too.

Notes from
Ross Nickerson (owner of Banjoteacher.com)

These tortoise shell replicated thumb picks have the best tone for recording I have ever used.  I highly recommend them.

If you want to try one without the worry that they might not be what you expected the picks are money back guaranteed. I'm confident you'll really like them. I think a good thumbpick is worth the extra money. Remember the pick is where the tone starts, why cut corners there. Seriously though if you do buy one and for some reason you're not satisfied, please don't hesitate to return it, I'll refund the money, no questions asked.

Sorry Torti Thumbpicks are no longer available.


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Aug 5, 2015
amazingly fast service
Ross, I just wanted to say what an amazingly fast service you have. I ordered my pick on Sunday evening and it was here on Tuesday morning, that's fast. ....,Ross, I just wanted to say what an amazingly fast service you have. I ordered my pick on Sunday evening and it was here on Tuesday morning, that's fast.

Aug 5, 2015
"Torti" creates a much brighter tone.
Hey Ross, Just received the Tortoise Shell Replica Thumbpick along with my Nick Picks and usual Thumbpick. I must say the "Torti" creates a much brighter tone. Switching between the two picks the "Torti" actually made the other thumbpick sound DULL!!

Aug 5, 2015
"Torti" Tortoise Replica Thumbpick
Ross Nickerson, I just ordered & received my "Torti" Tortoise Replica Thumbpick Friday & love it. I am still in the learning stage & I practiced today for 80 minutes & played the best I have ever had. I played with my Goldtone 250 plus OB 5-string banjo which is also a fantastic banjo. thanks again,

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