Turns a Guitar Strap into a Banjo Strap

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Turn a Guitar Strap into a Banjo Strap

The strap adapter kit will allow to turn any normal guitar strap into banjo strap.
Guitar straps are easy to find in any music store or you may already have one. With these adapters you can attach the strap around the banjo brackets the way you are supposed to. They can be used to be attached onto an open back banjo or a banjo with a resonator banjo. It will fit in the tight space between the head tightening bracket and the banjo rim. They are made of leather too so no metal on metal noise.

It basically turns a guitar strap into a banjo strap like these that we sell. These banjo straps are made specifically for banjo are built with the leather taps on the end of the strap already.
Here is a link so you can see those.

Banjo Strap with Leather Tabs

The reason to get the adapters instead is if you already have a guitar strap and want to convert it to a banjo strap.

This image illustrates where to attach the banjo strap

how to make a banjo cradle strapwork on any banjo
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