Neotech Banjo Strap Adaptor - Converts a Guitar Strap to a Banjo Strap

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Neotech Banjo Strap Adaptor Loop - Converts a Guitar Strap to a Banjo Strap

Now with this banjo strap adapter loop from Neotech, you can turn a regular guitar strap which are easy to find and low cost at any music store and make it into a banjo strap. This is very handy and a very practical item to have for banjo players.

The loop attaches through the hole on the guitar strap which turns it into a banjo strap that attaches on the banjo brackets, which is where the banjo strap should always be attached.

The Neotech Strap adapter also converts a a guitar strap to fit an acoustic guitar with no strap button on the heel. This would work great on an instrument like the Gold Tone Banjola or the Gold Tone Dojo which does not come stock with a strap button on the heel of the neck.

Banjo or Acoustic Guitar Strap Adaptor Loop
Banyan tree banjo adapter loop for banjos or acoustic guitars with no strap button on the heel of the neck.

It is OK just to put a leather tab through the your other guitar strap! Softly durable tube-formed of the adapter is easily attached to a musical instrument by winding it around the guitar neck and a banjo bracket. If there is this adapter loop, I can choose any strap freely. I am only attached to a favorite strap and become the strap for the acoustic / banjo. I keep safer safety while being a simple, compact design.

  • Converts most guitar straps into an acoustic or banjo strap
  • Combines soft, durable tubular nylon webbing with a top-grain leather retaining base
  • Easily attaches around the guitar neck or banjo bracket
  • 8.25" (21cm) in length
  • Made in the USA


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