Strap Adapter for Cradle Banjo Straps

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If your cradle strap does not fit your banjo these banjo strap adapters makes it possible to use a cradle strap on any banjo.

The kit will allow a cradle strap to be attached onto an open back banjo or a banjo that does not have enough room to fit the cradle strap through the brackets.

For open back banjos and most models of beginner banjos with resonators this leather tab kit below is needed because of limited space between the head tightening hooks and the rim. Cradle straps are designed for Bluegrass Banjos like the Goldtone OB 250 with a one piece flanges . The difference between a banjo with a one piece flange and open back banjos or beginner type banjos with attached resonators is those banjos use what's called the shoe and bracket system. There is a separate shoe for each banjo head tightening bracket to go through and tighten up against. When a resonator is attached to a banjo like this it does not leave enough room for the cradle strap to fit through the space.However this leather tab kit is an excellent solution for still being able to use these nicer more comfortable straps.

This image illustrates how to use the strap adapters to still be able to use the cradle strap on any banjo.

how to make a banjo cradle strapwork on any banjo


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