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Gold Tone CC-OT - Beginner Clawhammer Open Back Banjo with FREE Beginner Kit
I learned 3 finger in the mid 1970's and have owned a Stelling Sunflower for 30+yrs. I turned 70 re ...
The Banjo Encyclopedia "Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z" by Ross Nickerson Special Edition Spiral Bound with Hard Copy CD
This book literally has everything, and I mean everything, banjo. You want history?..its got it. You ...
Scorpion Banjo Bridges by Silvio Ferretti
WOW!!I am amazed. I had hoped to get enough improvement in sound from my Stelling Red Fox to be ...
Gold Tone AC-1LN Long Neck Banjo - Amazing Quality and Price
Just wanted to thank you and let you know that I got the Goldtone long neck banjo last week and love ...
Gold Tone AC-12A Short Scale Travel Banjo With 12 Inch Rim
Ross is da man! First of all, he has quite a website and a ton of resources. I looked around at who ...
Guardian CG-500J Deluxe Heavy Padded Banjo Gig Bag Resonator Banjo - On Sale
I bought one of these for my Recording King resonator and absolutely love it! It’s as good as a h ...
Gold Tone OB-3 Mastertone™ Professional Banjo "The Twanger"
I got my banjo less than a week upon order and the setup was great. I played it right out of the box ...

Metal Armrests 

Metal Armrests for Banjo

A wide selection of replacement banjo armrests in nickel, chrome, and steel. We have one legged armrests and two legged armrests that fit different amounts of head tightening bracket configurations. Some for 18 bracket banjos, some for 24 and a few options that fit any size banjo head.

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    Recording King PB-604 Nickel Plated Banjo Armrest with Comfortable Rounded Edge High quality Traditional, 1930's-style single-leg armrest fits banjos with standard 24 bracket rims. Made of heavy-duty steel and nickel-plated. Has the perfect prewar look for any old or modern banjo.This is the perfect replacement armrest for any Gibson Mastertone style...
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    Banjo Armrest That Fits All BanjosFits 16,18 or 24 Bracket Banjos - Engraved This clever chrome armrest, designed by Wayne Rogers, is engraved with the Gold Tone logo and flowers inlay. It fits all 11" rims with 16, 18, or 24 brackets. It will even fit other companies' banjos (such as the Deering Goodtime banjos). This banjo armrest will fit any banjo...
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    One Size Fits All Banjo Armrest Banjo Armrest that Fits Banjos with 16, 18, or 24 Brackets This banjo armrest will fit any banjo with a standard 11 inch rim banjos no matter if it has a 18, or 24 bracket head configuration, open back or resonator banjo. This one size fits all banjo armrest is the first of it's kind! The chrome matches most banjos too....
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    Banjo Armrest That Fits Deering Goodtime 1 Open Back Now they have a banjo armrest for Deering Goodtime 1 open back banjos. These are the best armrests that fit a Deering Goodtime banjo and we have them at a discount.  This armrest is very easy to install and comes with two specially made j-hooks and installation instructions in order to attach it to...
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    Vintage Vega Banjo Style Armrest for Banjos for Open Back Banjos Fits Banjos with Flat Head HooksThis "Vega Banjo" style armrest can replace your banjo armrest or its perfect if you want to add one. It is adjustable to fit any open back old time banjo with 18 to 28 brackets which pretty much covers all open back old time banjos, old and new.Perfect for...
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    Banjo Uke Armrest - Add or Replacement Armrest for Banjo Ukes This replacement banjo uke armrest by Gold Tone is designed to fit banjo-ukes with 8" rims and will also fit most other brands.Whether you are restoring an older banjo or looking to go vintage on your Gold Tone, this early 1900's-style chrome-plated armrest is perfect for adding an armrest to...
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    Golden Gate P-100 Banjo Armrest - Heavy Duty Steel - Nickel Plated The P-100 is a traditional, 1930's Gibson style single-leg armrest for banjos with 24 brackets. Heavy-duty steel and nickel-plated polished to a mirror finish. Perfect for the restoration of vintage model banjos of the 1920's & 1930's as well as upgrades for modern imports. Traditional,...
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    Nickel Plated Brass Banjo Armrest | Golden Gate P-104 | Gibson Mastertone Style Armrest The Golden Gate Nickel Plated Brass banjo armrest P104 is a high quality replacement armrest for any standard Gibson Mastertone style banjo with 24 brackets.Perfect for the restoration of vintage model banjos of the 1920's & 1930's Gibson Mastertone style banjos with...
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    Engraved Banjo Armrest by Gold Tone - Two Leg A great alternative to the plain ones that most banjos have.The Gold Tone logo engraved onto the 2 leg armrest in Chrome 1/2" Hook Spacing You can buy a replacement Goldtone Banjo Armrest at or upgrade your present one. This armrest fits on other banjos besides Goldtone and is a great...
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    Triple cobalt-plated brass armrest, nickel-free for those with nickel allergies.Pre-war style armrest with highest quality triple cobalt-plating over brass.Fits banjos with 11" rims and 24 bracket spacing.Excellent quality.Retail Price $60.00SORRY, NO LONGER AVAILABLE
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    Two Leg Banjo Armrest A plain chrome 2 leg armrest, for use with 11" rims using 24 brackets. Includes backing plate and bolt. You can buy a replacement Gold Tone Banjo Armrest at or upgrade your present one. This armrest fits on other 1930's Mastertone style banjos, not only on Gold Tone's. Sorry temporarily out of stock
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