Korg TM50 Tuner-Metronome Combo

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The TM-50 is the perfect daily practice partner that will support your development as a performer.

The Korg TM series allows you to use the tuner and metronome simultaneously. Since this single unit is all you need for both pitch and rhythm training, it has become a favorite lesson tool for brass bands as well as many other types of musicians.

The TM-50 is the latest model, featuring a two-level backlight that enhances the visibility of the LCD display. It uses a newly designed needle-style LCD for excellent response, and even greater tuning accuracy.

In a first for this series, the entry-level model provides the Sound Back function that allows the speaker to generate the reference tone that's closest to the input sound, giving you a great way to develop and refine your sense of accurate pitch.

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Newly designed highly responsive LCD needle-type meter

Wide detection range from C1 to C8

The Sound Out function produces a reference tone in a three-octave range from the built-in speaker

The Sound Back function generates the reference tone that’s closest to the input sound, while the meter indicates the pitch discrepancy between the reference and the input sound - a great function for ear training!

Calibration supports a range of concert pitches

Marks indicate pure major and minor third intervals

A wide tempo range of 30-252 beats/minute

15 rhythm variations let you practice with a broad range of musical styles

Easy tempo settings with two types of tempo step patterns plus a tap tempo function

Large LCD with backlight brightness that’s adjustable over two levels for enhanced visibility

Even more compact and lightweight, with your choice of body color - black or pearl white

Newly designed stand and battery cover for enhanced usability

Memory Backup and Auto Power Off

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