Easy Banjo Capo to Use - Spring Loaded

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Quick and Easy Banjo Capo to Use

Spring Loaded Banjo Capo

These spring loaded banjo capos are a quick capo to use for banjo. They can be put on fast making them a really easy banjo capo to use and at a good price too.

You can't beat this one for speed of putting the capo on, convenience, and the quality is excellent too for the price. It's a good one for a beginner to start with too or an experienced player who likes the spring loaded type of banjo capo.

When I use this capo, I rest the front edge of the capo against the back half of the fret wire I'm capoing to. Then I push down with the palm of my right hand on the strings near the bridge. That takes care of any binding. Quickly and easily the banjo is in tune and I'm ready to go.


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Nashville Capo Used for Banjo

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