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Best Banjo Case for Flying | Banjo Travel Case

This is the banjo case I use for flying when I travel with my banjo. In my experience traveling with a banjo professionally for over 30 years this is the most sensible system I've used and I've tried a lot of different ways of traveling with a banjo safely, economically and with all concerns considered. I feel it is the best banjo case for flying with your banjo there is. This system really works, I've used it for over 100 trips flying with my banjo and I can highly recommend it from direct experience. 

Right before I started using this case I had a neck broken by the airlines which caused me to look hard at the best case out there and this is it. The case I had cost almost three times as much as this one too.

How the banjo flight case works

The banjo and your normal hard shell case are suspended inside the outer case with the C-Pads, There is room above and underneath the inside banjo case to stuff clothes and other personal items which also help protect it. Even though is strong and especially durable (it has not gotten all scuffed up and worn looking) it is so light that even stuffed full of clothes and other items I still get under the 50 LB limit. I highly recommend it. The wheels work good too. That is a big thing to me and one of the main reasons for getting this type of case. I don't care how good the much more expensive extra fortified normal sized banjo cases are, you could loose an arm carrying one of those across the airport, the wheels make it really effortless. Because I have checked my banjo so many times with this case with no issues I found that it is so much easier and less hassle to just "check it and forget it" knowing it will arrive safely. This and the fact I wont have to mess with carrying it through security, or wonder if the flight attendant is going to force my banjo to be gate checked, or the anxiety of wondering it they are even going to allow me to carry it through security in the first place.

The fact that through real experience I have full faith my banjo will be safe when I check it and that it wont be overweight. All that adds up to me having a much more peaceful day flying. and also not having to hand carry my heavy fiberglass case. I put the fiberglass hard case in this flight case, use the wheels to carry it and check it. A "calton" fiberglass case with a bluegrass banjo weighs about 20 lbs and when it's inside this flight case it only adds about 10 lbs. This means you could even add 20 lbs of clothes in the case and still be under the 50lb baggage weight limit, and I do that.

Dimensions for the Banjo Flight Case
46 ½ long  20 wide  8 thick

These cases are no longer available.
The builder passed away.

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Here is the description from the manufacturer. Introducing the “Clam Banjo Deluxe” banjo flight road case. The best travel protection for your banjo in its case or gig bag. Simply place the 6 dense custom sized for the banjo foam C-pad suspension system around the edge of your banjo case or gig bag then place it inside the “CLAM”. The C-pads float your banjo case in the center of the “Clam” for the ultimate in shock absorption and weight distribution while keeping your banjo case from touching the walls of the case. The “Clams” double walled corrugated plastic material and construction makes it virtually crush proof and survived the 850 lbs. crush test yet weighs only 12 lbs. Comes with the (Easy Travel Kit) detachable wheels and shoulder strap.

Dimensions for the Banjo Flight Case
46 ½ long  20 wide  8 thick

Jun 23, 2019
case worked really well
Hi Ross, The banjo case worked really well. Portland, Iceland, London, Warsaw, and back.... Thanks again for your quick work. Donn Whitten

Aug 12, 2015
Keep up the good work
....Hi Ross, Just a note to say that I received my new Gold Tone BG250F and Im absolutely delighted with it along with the Fundamentals of Five String Banjo, strap and flight case. The items all arrived to the shipping address I gave you real quick and on time. The flight case worked a treat too. Thanks for making the whole procedure so simple to use and providing a great service and resource with your website. Keep up the good work and hopefully next time your in Ireland I'll catch up with you

Aug 12, 2015
banjo in perfect condition
Hi Ross, Arrived home yesterday … banjo in perfect condition ! The plan worked !! Banjo home safe and sound..….oh …and the wheels are GREAT. Make it really easy to move around.

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