Banjo Mate Tone Enhancer Plain Brass or Nickel Plated

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Banjo Mate Tone Enhancer


Available in Plain Brass  or Nickel Plated

This Really Works!

The Banjo Mate Tone enhancer can be easily added to your banjo. It really works and its fun to move it around testing different tone effects changing the positioning adds the your banjo tone.

I was skeptical but this actually works and works well, you can move it around for different improvements in tone. It really does make a lot of sense and it's a cheap and easy way to improve the tone of your banjo It worked on my banjo, the maker demonstrated it for me in person. Ross Nickerson, Banjo

Increases volume, enhances different tonal qualities & installs in minutes.... The BanjoMate is mounted on the inside back surface of your Resonator with a supplied Velcro fastening system. It can be easily rotated to obtain Bright/Crisp or Warm/Woody tones.

Made in the USA from premium Brass sheet, the BanjoMate only weighs 1.1 ounces.
100% Money Back Guarantee if not completely satisfied.

Sorry, this item is only presently available for US customers


  • Brass -$24.95
  • Nickel Plated - $29.95

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15 day satisfaction guarantee on ALL Banjo Supplies. Try it and if for any reason you want to exchange or return, No Problem!


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Aug 25, 2015
improves the sound.
I could tell an instant difference in my banjo's sound. I took a few moves to find the right spot, but it improves the sound.

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