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Pick Strop

Polish your Banjo Picks with the Bill Stokes Pick Strop. Bill Stokes is the creator of the acclaimed Showcase 41 banjo picks. He's an expert in banjo related equipment especially picks. Anyone who has seen his Showcase 41's finger picks knows how smooth and buffed the picks are. It not only cuts string noise and helps tone, it makes them a lot more comfortable too.

This works, I really like it, I use to rub the picks on anything I could find. Another well made intelligent banjo accessories from Bill Stokes. Ross N

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Oct 19, 2016
I find them highly useful
I received your pick strops. Thanks very much. I find them highly useful. I use them to buff my finger and thumb picks every time before I play. I found it strongly improves the quality of the tone, much more so than I would have expected.

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