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Pair of Bill Stokes Showcase 41 Picks

SHOWCASE 41 Prewar Replica Banjo Finger picks Banjo innovator Bill Stokes designed these right down to the materials and specifications of the the pre-war National banjo picks that are so coveted.

The picks are made with real German nickel silver and produce a great tone. The buffed finish produces less string noise and overtone along with being more comfortable then standard picks.. He made one improvement to the old National design and that was to design them so the holes in the picks would not dig in to your fingers as much.

Come packaged in pairs (2-picks)

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  • Set of Two Finger Picks Only
  • Add 1 Large National Thumbpick $2.40
  • Add 1 Medium National Thumbpick $2.40 Banjo Supplies Satisfaction Guarantee

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Apr 22, 2021
Showcase 1941 picks
I've owned a pair of these picks for over 20 years and one just broke the other day. How can you beat that for quality! I want another pair as soon as you get some in stock!

Jun 6, 2020
Showcase 1941 Finger Picks
I ordered a set of these picks when they first became available years ago, and I must say they are the closest I've seen to the original National picks--and with an even more comfortable fit. Bill Stokes really did his homework on these--they are superb. Highly recommended.

Oct 25, 2018
Showcase 41 picks
Although I was never a National pick addict I did use them from the time I started to learn to play in 1963 until some other picks that seemed more comfortable became available in the mid 1970's. But, much later I found myself moving back to the Nationals (of which I still had one pair from the early 1970's), and I came to prefer them to all others. I was concerned that with only one set I was running a risk of loss without a good replacement, so I started looking at and experimenting with the various other picks. Of all of those, I found the Showcase 41's to be closest to the old Nationals, in terms of metal thickness, bendability, flexibility, and tone production. Ever since I acquired my first set of the Showcase 41 picks the Nationals have stayed in the little cufflink box, no longer used. The Showcase 41 picks are nearly perfect, and I'm very glad that a real substitute for the old Nationals is available. Thanks Bill Stokes!

Oct 3, 2015
this is the 4th time I've ordered these picks from you....I'm a Pedal Steel player and find these picks to be excellent...

Aug 26, 2015
I appreciate you and Bill Stokes
Hey Ross, I talked to Bill Stokes and he was a great help and wonderful to talk with. He’s going to send me a pick strop free of charge to help polish the picks as needed. Talk about customer service! So not only are the Torti replica thumbpick and the 1941s terrific sounding picks they also have a developer/owner that stands behind his product 100% andi s more than willing to get on the phone with his customers. You don’t find that much anymore and I appreciate you and Bill Stokes for doing that!

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