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Replacement Thumb Screws for Banjo Resonators

Buy 1 replacement thumb screw for banjo only or a whole Set of 4.

Each Thumbscrew unit includes the wall lug and the L-shaped bracket

1930s style hardware, heavily nickel-plated.

You  have an option to buy one, two or all four replacement banjo resonator thumbscrews, wall lug and L-shaped bracket at a discount

Designed to fit the standard 1930's-style Mastertone wooden banjo resonator. These Mastertone style banjos include the vast majority of bluegrass banjos that have a flat head tone ring and a one piece flange with very few exceptions. For instance Goldtone OB 250's, Recording Kings, Gold Star, Gibson Mastertone's, Stewart MacDonald, Huber Banjos, Yates and other banjos made to prewar specifications,  Also any of the import knockoffs of a 30's Gibson Mastertone with a flathead tone ring and one piece flange like Fender, Morgan Monroe and Washburn.

The full set of resonator thumbscrews also includes 4 wall lugs, 4 thumbscrews and 4 L-shaped flanges

All parts brightly nickel-plated

All dimensions historically-correct and accurate to retrofit prewar Mastertone banjos


  • Purchase 1 for 10.00
  • Purchase 2 for 19.00
  • Purchase 4 for 36.00

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