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Banjo Stands - The Stage Mate SAF-EA Folding A Frame Banjo Stand

Strong and Sturdy and for the Best Price

The Stage Mate SAF-EA Folding A-frame banjo stands are an excellent low priced strong and sturdy banjo stand. This stand is perfect for banjos with it's low center of gravity and black foam that will not harm a banjo's finish.

These work much better than your typical guitar stand, much more suited for banjo. Great price too.
I recommend these and at this price you could buy two, one for your practice room and any place else you practice the banjo. Ross Nickerson

Made from high tempered steel and high-end black foam tubing/padding. Very sturdy and stable to protect your guitar, banjo, bass, mandolin, Uke, etc.!

Width adjusts to fit whatever instrument you want to put in it!

Great for studio or stage or just for displaying your stringed pride and joy!.

Stand has black foam that will not harm your instrument's.

Sorry, this stand is unavailable at this time.

$24.90 Banjo Supplies Satisfaction Guarantee

15 day satisfaction guarantee on ALL Banjo Supplies. Try it and if for any reason you want to exchange or return, No Problem!


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Sep 8, 2019
We like the stands
Kathy, The package with 2 banjo stands arrived safely. Very nicely packaged . We like the stands . Thank you .

Aug 2, 2018
Holds a lightweight open back just fine
You can't beat this price for a stand that works. I use it next to the couch when I need to go do something else. I took off the adhesive lable on the top pad by carefully peeling it off under running water. You could just turn it around so the banjo is not resting on the sticker. I will throw this in my luggage when I travel as it is very lightweigth and folds up small. I will try it out with a heavier banjo as soon as it arrives from Ross!

Jan 26, 2016
Good Price
This stand is a good value

Nov 7, 2015
Great stand!
Just a note to let you know the stand arrived and it's perfect! Again, thanks. Great stand!

Aug 11, 2015
Very functional GREAT PRICE
Can't beat the simplified construction that really works and for a cheap price.

Aug 10, 2015
just right for a heavy banjo
.... Ross, I got the order yesterday. Thank you. I like the stand, a good design, love the closed cell neoprene padding & low center of gravity, and just right for a heavy banjo

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