Free Video on How to Tighten a Banjo head

Free Video on How to Tighten a Banjo head

Ross Nickerson Video and Advice on Tightening a Banjo Head

Perhaps the best way to tighten a banjo head is to start simple. I have a short video below which shows you in layman's terms how to tighten your banjo head, keeping it simple. You can certainly buy some tools like a drum dial or drum torque wrench to tweak it better but this video will show you a sensible easy way to "snug up" the head tightening brackets to make sure you are not playing with a banjo head that is too loose. You absolutely do not want the head too tight either. Tightening the head to much will cause your banjo to loose volume, making it too bright and treble sounding. If your head is loose with some brackets barely having tension it will sound sluggish and non responsive. If you're bridge is sagging in the middle then the head is really loose.

The free video is an excerpt from my Beginning the Five String Banjo DVD Special Features Section so its primarily intended for new students who buy a banjo and never touch the head. A new banjo head, no matter how perfect it is when it leaves our shop will need to be "snugged up" a couple times in the first two months.

This video also includes a section on swapping out or putting on a banjo bridge and changing strings along with adjusting a banjo head to the right tension.

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