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Advice on retuning the banjo after putting a capo on

Advice on retuning the banjo after putting a capo on

Having trouble tuning when putting a banjo capo on

Student Question
I am having trouble with my banjo going way out of tune when I put a capo on, one of my banjos is fine but the other two I avhe quite a bit of trouble with needing to re-tune, any tips?

Ross Nickerson Answer

You might try using a spring loaded clamp capo right on the fret then take the palm of your right hand after you put the capo on and push the strings down equally a couple times.Have you tried poking the sharp strings one at a time after you capo? poking the ones that go out the most more if necessary. I do that along with using the palm of my hand, I would do that before you even try picking a string or touching a tuning peg, that will help especially in church, then another tip is to tune by picking the string with your ring finger because it has no pick on it, That will be quieter and enough if you have an on board tuner.

These may be things you have already tried but I hope that helps, thanks, Ross

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
( )==='==~

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