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The Matrix MR 800 is an excellent metronome for practicing banjo with. It's loud and easy to hear over your banjo. The tone is like a drum stick on a block of wood, not a digital bleep sound. This model gives you an excellent chance of success in using and getting all the tremendous benefits you receive from practicing with a metronome. I highly recommend this metronome, its the one I use most. It has the advantage of choosing where the down beat lands and other easy to use features like a headphone jack so you can still hear it loud without disturbing others. Thanks, Ross Nickerson

We have a pretty good discount on the Matrix 800. If you shopped around you'd see higher prices out there and likely some lower ones. I hope if you like what we are doing that you will support small business and do business with people in the banjo community. People who play banjo and have expertise and dedication to finding things that work for banjo players.

I have a video pointing out some of the features.
Did you read my article this month on banjo timing and using a metronome?
Banjo Timing Help - Using a Metronome - Timing Exercises

    • LED pendulum simulation and variable beat
    • LED Pendulum Motion highlights downbeat
    • Audible click upbeat sound with chime down beat
    • Headphone Jack for Private Use
    • A4 Tone Generator for tuning
    • Six beat settings
    • Easy to use dial
    • Batteries included

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Video Demo: Banjo Metronome

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