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Banjo Tools for tightening a banjo head. We have banjo head keys and drum keys to tighten the head on your banjo. Including all the common sizes like 1/4 5/16 for 5-string,6-string or 4-string banjos and smaller sizes for beginner banjos too. we even have offer a two way and a three way banjo head wrench.

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  • $49.95
    Precise tensioning of banjo heads You can us this for balancing the head tension on your banjo by equalizing the amount of torque on all 24 brackets. It gives you precise tensioning of banjo heads. It adjusts head tension evenly all the way around for maximum tone. Practical and effective -- it removes the guesswork. It comes with an adapter that fits...
  • $6.95
    T-Wrench which fits most standard size Banjos Banjo Head Tightening Key T-Wrench Tighten a Banjo Head easy with the Head Tightening Tool 1/4 inch T-Wrench which fits most standard size Banjos, Goldtone, Recording King, Gold Star, Gibson, Deering, Stelling, and most resonator banjos made today The wrenches are money back guaranteed if the standard size...
  • $5.00
    Banjo Head Wrench This wrench is a little smaller and fits most less expensive banjos like the ones with aluminum rims, and goldtone CC100's etc. Knowing the right wrench to buy can be tricky, don't hesitate to email or call us. If you tell us what banjo you have, we can tell you the right size -  866-322-6567
  • $19.87
    Fantastic new 3 way banjo head tightening wrench tool Fits 1/4”, 5/16” and 9/32” sockets Here is the answer, a head wrench that fits all the sizes. Covers you for all standard banjo bracket nut sizes. Really well made, invented and produced by a banjo player. I recommend them and I am using one myself. Ross Nickerson
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    The wrench is sturdy and has has tuning wings to make it easier to use.Two Headed Banjo Head Key- Grover Dual-Banjo Head Bracket The dual banjo bracket wrench, for installing and tightening banjo heads. This dual bracket wrench for banjo is perfect for banjo players that need both common sizes of banjo head tightening keys, 1/4 and 5/16. The vast majority...
  • $9.95 $10.95
    Reduced price!
    Banjo Head T-Wrench - 9/32" Fits Goodtime ,Boston, & Vega Banjos w/o Tubaphone Tone RingHead tension is critical to good sound. Love this little tool , works great , does what it supposed to do ,its the right tool for the job !
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