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Audio CD for The Banjo Encyclopedia | CD Disc or Replacement CD

CD Disc Purchase or Replacement for The Banjo Encyclopedia "Bluegrass Banjo from A to Z" by Ross Nickerson -

The Spiral/Wirebound Banjo Encyclopedia editions with Hard Copy CD are available ONLY at

Exclusive Hard Copy CD
Now there is another reason to buy The Banjo Encyclopedia at We now are the only dealer that offers the book spiral bound and includes a hard copy CD disc. The publisher Mel Bay has now gone to a download the CD off their website format.

If you buy this book from any other online dealer, it will not be spiral bound OR have a hard copy CD. We take the books to a binder and have the CDs duplicated privately.

To purchase the Spiral Bound Banjo Encyclopedia with the Hard copy CD disc included, here is a link.
Spiral/Wirebound Banjo Encyclopedia editions with Hard Copy CD

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.you name it ... this book has it ALL The complete book about bluegrass banjo picking. It is very well written and is full of solid good advice and information. Its a superb book by a knowledgeable and nice guy!! ... well worth the money...

….I think that what you have created is the new gold standard for banjo instruction. It is an absolutely beautiful, beautifully written book, which I know will now be the foundation of my lifetime banjo study. I don't know how it could possibly be any better. And now I'm even more excited for our lessons to resume. All the best success with your great achievement.

I got it Friday and have read it cover to cover. Very well done. ...I did go to the Table of Contents and, in my opinion as a former HS teacher and college lecturer for 25 years - Ross has put together something that I would say is the first book/CD that anyone who knows they want to learn 5 string should have

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