Gold Tone ML-1 Bela Fleck Baritone Banjo "The Missing Link"

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Gold Tone ML-1 Baritone Banjo - Bela Fleck Signature

"The Missing Link"

The Gold Tone ML-1 Missing Link Baritone Octave Banjo designed by Bela Fleck and Gold Tone. It's a unique banjo that is tuned to an open C tuning in the lower octave. The tuning is 5th C, 4th G, 3rd C, 2nd E, 1st G. It's half way between a Cello Banjo tuning and normal bluegrass 5 string G-tuning. It's an awesome new innovation. 

The ML-1's feel and mellow low tone is so addicting it's impossible to put down. You play it just like a normal banjo but it produces such a different tone. Please check out my videos to hear it some. 

All Ml-1's are hand autographed by Bela Fleck on the inside rim.
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Happy Holidays! 2023 - Greensleeves

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Gold Tone Ml-1 Baritone Banjo

The Missing Link is tuned to Open C tuning. Technically that could be described as 4 whole steps lower down from Open G Tuning. I think the best way to describe the tuning is, its the same notes as your banjo in G tuning with a capo on the 5th fret, but then lowered a whole octave. You play it exactly the same way as in Open G tuning but what comes out is a low gravely new sound that makes this banjo hard to put down. The lower tuning is also much more forgiving than a normal banjo. It truly is hard to get a bad tone out of this banjo.

It features a 12" pot, all wound strings (Bela’s idea), a wider neck profile, brass tone ring and resonator.  The ML-1 makes all kinds of new musical things possible that you cannot accomplish with a normal 5-string banjo.

Comments from Ross Nickerson: I love this banjo, the ML-1 Missing Link that Gold Tone and Bela Fleck designed. Its tuned to open C, but an octave lower. All of the strings are wound. It has such a pleasing tone, it feels like you can't miss on it and I could play it for hours. It's a great alternative for pros to have a different sound in their show as well as novices who can play some of the simplest banjo songs and sound full, mellow and pleasing.  Really can't say enough about the ML-1, ingenious idea and it's super fun to play.

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More Information on the Bela Fleck Baritone Banjo
Béla Fleck, surely today's best-known banjoist, has his own heroes. One of these, John Hartford, made extensive use of a low-tuned five-string banjo (a twelve-inch Farland from the 1920s) in his music. While Béla had already been playing a Gold Tone CEB-5 Cello Banjo, he felt that there should be a banjo to fill the gap between the cello banjo (tuned to G, an octave below the standard banjo) and the standard five-string. Béla collaborated with Gold Tone president Wayne Rogers over many months and after overcoming many challenges and the building of several prototypes, the ML-1 "Missing Link" came into being. Tuned to open C (in a G configuration, i.e. an octave below the fifth fret of a standard five-string) the ML-1 features a twelve-inch, three-ply maple rim supporting a bronze tone ring. A specially-made Remo Black Suede head carries a custom 7/8" bridge and an all-wound custom string set hooks up to a Gold Tone Terminator tailpiece. The hard rock Canadian maple neck is topped by a rich black ebony fretboard, honed to a compound radius (5" to 9") and fitted with jumbo frets. The gorgeous art nouveau inlay pattern (of Béla's own design) travels the length of the neck all the way to the peghead, interrupted only by a Zero Glide nut (for super-accurate intonation and low-friction tuning). Black bindings and black buttons on the Master Planetary tuners complete the elegant look.

Use this chord transposition chart to see how the baritone chords translate to traditional banjo chords.

Gold Tone ML-1 Missing Link Bela Fleck Model - BanjTeacher.commissingLink210-banjoteacher-com.jpg

Bela also officially endorsed the Zero Glide nut system which he uses on his vintage Gibson and the Missing Link banjo. The Zero Glide nut system is free with the Missing Link Banjo. We also include capo spikes free with this model.

The missing link can be set up with spikes on 7 and 9 for the keys of D and E We can install those free by using the drop down menu for spikes or requesting it in the comment section when checking out, or call or email us.

ML-1 Specs





Scale Length



Zero Glide Nut

Rolled Brass Tone Ring

3-Ply Canadian Maple Rim

Planetary Tuners

Mar 26, 2023
Love the ML1
Ross, I love the ML1 I cant put it down.Great doing business with you as usual.Bill

Jul 3, 2022
Gold tone ML-1
I got my ML-1 And unpacked it what a great job they did in packing first of all. The banjo exceeded my expectations in every way ROSS you out did yourself GoldTone should be proud to have you as a representative thank you for the extras you sent I’m recommending you to all my banjo family you truly are the best around Don!

Dec 30, 2021
Ml-1 order
I am glad I ordered my ml-1 from Ross! Banjo came ready to play. The instructional DVD’s are fantastic! Thank you Ross

Dec 22, 2020
Martin from Ireland
Hi Ross, I just thought I'd let you know the baritone banjo arrived safely today. Very well packed up and virtually ready to play straight from the box. Thanks for your help, and all the best for whatever is your seasonal holiday! ;) I think I'll spend the holiday in the land of "D" fiddle tunes..... M

Dec 16, 2020
ML-1 quick review
Bought one of these banjos a couple of years ago at a clearance price from a shop that deals primarily in high level guitars. The ML-1 has great tone and playability, plus is built very well and looks a little different than anything else out there. Comes with a very nice case too.When you consider the free add-ons Ross gives you it makes sense to purchase from him.

Dec 20, 2019
ML-1 Banjo
Hello I received the books and banjo I’ve played it till my fingers hurt it’s pretty cool thank u for everything ????

Oct 17, 2019
It truly IS the missing link!
I got my Missing Link Banjo about four years ago, and it is #4. It is a wonderful banjo and feels that nook of having a bit lower Banjo sound, instead of going all the way down to Chelo Banjo, which I also own and love it is a wonderful banjo and feels that nook of having a bit lower Banjo sound, instead of going all the way down to cello Banjo, which I also own and love very much.

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