Bottom Frosted Banjo Head

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Now a banjo head with the frosting on the inside! What a great way to still get the warmer sound a standard frosted banjo head has but a smooth surface that will not wear out on top. These work great for 5-string players that want a smooth banjo head surface but not the brighter treble sound a non frosted banjo head produces.

Keeping a Banjo Head Clean
Sometimes banjo players can easily get attached to the character or look of their soiled worn frosted heads - ME INCLUDED - and do not want to change or clean them. The trouble is dirt or a light film affects the vibration of the head and volume. Also if you wear off too much of the frosting on top, you begin to defeat the purpose of preferring the frosted banjo head over smooth banjo heads for tonal reasons.

Bottom Frosted Banjo Heads for 4-string Tenor Banjos - Plectrum 
4-string tenor and plectrum banjo players can take advantage of having the undercoating inside frosted banjo drum head because it avoids the scratchy sound produced by the flat pick scraping on the head when strumming dixieland and swing tunes.

We carry the 11 inch medium crown which is by far the most common used and what we recommend for 5-string bluegrass banjos, 4-strng tenor and plectrum, Irish tenor banjos and open back old time clawhammer banjos.


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