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Bellbird Banjos are constructed by Peter Nahuysen in Brisbane Australia, Ross Nickerson and Peter Nahuysen teamed up in 2008 to help make these beautiful banjos available in the United States and around the world. Peter Nahuysen made a signature model banjo for Ross called Nick Kick and presented it to him at the first ever "Australian Banjo Conference". Peter and Ross began the banjo teaching conference in 2008 and it has operated successfully for 7 years.

The "Nick Kick" is beautiful banjo made from African Mahogany. I never heard a banjo with such a crack to it. It has a specially designed lighter tone ring and hardware which reduces the weight considerably but does not affect the tone, in fact it has a lot of punch and volume.

Notes from luthier Peter Nahuysen
I worked on the Nick Kick model with Ross for 2 years and this is no ordinary banjo. Ross loves the sweeter tone of mahogany but he was after a banjo that really had that “crack” that every player is looking for, but without sacrificing superb tone. The answer was to use a very special timber, a type of African Mahogany. It possesses incredible power, clarity and tone. The precision made block pot and neck are made from the same piece of timber which enhances the harmonic qualities of this instrument. Top it off with our own special light weight “Classica” tone ring and light alloy parts and you have the complete package that you can play all night long. The Nick Kick is a magnificent banjo. Peter Nahuysen-Bellbird banjos

Other Features Available

  • Ebony or Rosewood fingerboard.
  • Choice of Custom Flying Eagle or Custom Bellbird Inlay pattern (others available on request)
  • Mirror nitrocellulose finish -in color of choice (see Custom Sunburst note above)
  • Fultz Straight Line Tailpiece for improved tone, intonation and volume.
  • Gotoh tuners.
  • 5 Star banjo head.
  • Dual-action truss rod.
  • Pearl Truss rod cover.
  • GHS PF 175 banjo strings.
  • Railroad 5th string capo spikes standard on all instruments at frets 7,8,9 and 10.
  • TKL Deluxe Archtop Case

Construction time is 3 to 4 months

Contact Ross with questions on pricing and any special deals. Ross at his direct number, 1-866-322-6567
or send him an Email

Free with Bellbird banjos is the All Online Lessons Special, 1 year membership to and five Ross Nickerson Instruction DVDs of your choice.
There are three demo videos in tab below. They are just filmed on amatuer cameras so the sound quality could be more authentic. One is live in Australia at a show and two are at Grey Fox Bluegrass Festival.
Bela Fleck ordered a special electric banjo from Peter Nahuysen at Bellbird Banjos and here is a link to Bela playing it on You Tube too

The True Blue (Curly Maple) ….. $5,250.00
The Nick Kick (Mahogany) …….$4,950.00
The Larakin (Maple/Mahogany) …….$4,950.00
The Bushmaster (Special Rim) …….$4,950.00
The King Brown(Walnut) …………$5,250.00
Ulysses Electric Banjo ............... $4950.00

More details


  • Nick Kick -$1,000.00 deposit
  • True Blue - $1,000.00 deposit
  • Larakin - $1,000.00 deposit
  • Bushmaster - $1,000.00 deposit
  • King Brown - $1,000.00 deposit
  • Ulysses Electric - $1000.00 deposit

- +

More info

Standard Included Features (for all models)

  • Nickel Plated
  • Choice of 3 headstock shapes –
  • Bellbird “Bird Wing” headstock shape
  • Traditional Gibson double-cut, or
  • Gibson fiddle-cut
  • Standard weight or light alloy construction
  • 5th string capo spikes installed
  • Ebony or Rosewood fingerboard and headstock
  • Choice of 14 inlay patterns
  • Colour of choice (sunburst extra)
  • TKL American Vintage Series Case (the best)

Most models are colour of your choice, with the True Blue (being lighter colour maple) having the most flexibility, could be any colour of the rainbow. The Larakin model (being a brown mahogany to start with is limited to the brown and red spectrum).

The King Brown model (Burl Walnut) is clear lacquered only, and therefore natural walnut brown is the only colour option.

Custom Extras Cost

  • Gold Plating $ 650.00
  • Sunburst finish (maple) $ 250.00
  • Bound Headstock (ivoroid) $ 150.00
  • Bound Headstock (pearl) $ 200.00
  • Bound Headstock (abalone) $ 250.00
  • Radiussed fingerboard $ 150.00
  • Abalone Inlays $ 250.00
  • Customized inlay design by negotiation

Payment Details
All banjos are custom made to order, a 1/3 deposit is required to start the job, and final payment is made when the banjo is ready to ship. The customer needs to allow a 15 to 20 week time frame from time of ordering to delivery. The customer is kept informed with progress and updates, and if possible some photos of the banjo in progress.

Of course there may be new Nick Kick models available for immediate delivery. Just ask when making your inquiry.

Standard Options
Although the options for the five “standard” models are set, there are of course a considerable number of variations to consider for your custom made Bellbird banjo. In particular, with the colour of your choice, tone and tone ring preference, specific set up requirements and other hardware options that may be available within the “standard” range.

My aim is to give the player as much say as possible in their dream banjo and to meet their needs fully. This is what is lacking in factory produced instruments, even the most expensive ones where the selection process is fairly much “potluck”.

Ross Nickerson Demo Video

Aug 27, 2018
Absolutely amazing
Hi Everyone, I really wanted to let everyone know how amazing these banjos are. I got a custom made Crowe style banjo with maple back and neck with gold hardware.First of all the sound is absolutely amazing! There is so much harmonic content and beauty to it! Has an amazing sustain and is an absolute joy to play. The finish on it is second to none with an extreme attention to detail. I opted for the light weight tone ring and it sounds amazing and weighs so much less then a conventional Bluegrass banjo. If I was getting another banjo made up I would not hesitate to go to Peter again for it!Also would like to mention that throughout the banjo building process Peter was extremely helpful with information and including me throughout the build by sending photos at various stages and answering any questions I needed to answer!Definitely worth a chat to Peter if you are interested in a wonderfully crafted instrument!

Sep 9, 2015
It's beyond superlatives
Hi Ross: Just wanted to let you know that I received the Bellbird Raintree (Bushmaster) banjo a couple of days ago, and I've had a chance to put a few hours into it. Words are hard to describe the workmanship since it's beyond superlatives. Peter put many many hours in creating this treasure, and it certainly shows. Its beauty is only surpassed by its sound. I was expecting that an ironwood tone ring would create a softer, more muted tone. Instead, the sound is brilliant. The notes are precise, clear and distinct, with a unique sound all its own. Actually it's the best sounding banjo I've ever played, and I've played with several other professional instruments. When I first picked it up, I suddenly became a better banjo player. I especially like the feel of the neck, and I can just glide up and down the neck without hesitation. It's hard to put down. This banjo will be my lasting treasure, and it will prompt me to become a player worthy of owning it..I give Peter accolades beyond count!

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