Mandolin - Saga - Kentucky 5-String Electric Mandolin

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Very Rare 1980's year vintage Kentucky KM-300E solid Body 5-string,quality made in the  mid-1980's in Japan.

Comes with a great hard form fit case.

Brand new condition and set up perfectly with the CORRECT string gauges tuned CGDAE  like a mandolin / mandola combination.
Height-adjustable bridge Nickel hardware, including a standard Gibson-style tailpiece and enclosed Kluson style gear tuners. Black/white pick guard with tone and volume controls. Single-coil pickup with chrome cover. Standard mandolin scale length of 13.875 inches, flat rosewood fret-board. Tobacco sunburst finish.

The 5 string KM-300E has been discontinued  Examples of them are very rare.
Please don't confuse this mandolin with the 4-string Kentucky KM-300E currently sold by Saga. That's an inferior, entry-level instrument.


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