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This is protective mat is great for laying your banjo down on while changing banjo strings or doing other banjo set-up work. Its very reasonably priced and comes in a handy carrying case too.

Neotech’s Work Mat is a great way to protect both your gear and work surface. The soft rubberized surface grips to keep small parts in place and it resists the effects of cleaning chemicals and oils. Work Mat neutral gray color makes it easy to see very small items and the textured surface prevents your items from rolling away. It's anti-static too!
Ideal for use at home or in the field, the Work Mat transforms any place into a safe work area for banjo set-up. It rolls up tightly and fits in a convenient nylon pouch with a shoulder strap. You will find many uses for the Work Mat on your next outing. From a portable work area to a waterproof seat… always be prepared for the unexpected with Neotech's Work Mat.

Neck Support for Changing Banjo Strings Easier
This Neck Support for changing banjo strings easier is low cost and folds up conveniently.
It's a lot easier and safer using a neck holder like this than changing your banjo strings on your lap. Banjos are heavier and it's easier to scratch the resonator picking it up on and off the floor. I really like the compact design because it folds up for easy storage and the soft contact points will not damage your banjo neck finish.
Not only that but the small size allows you to store it in your case.

Mat is no longer available - click here to purchase just neck support

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Here are some of the features listed by the manufacturer for the mat

Waterproof and anti-static to protect delicate equipment
Protects both the gear and the work surface
Neutral gray color keeps small items visible
Textured surface keeps items from rolling away
Rolls into a convenient carrying pouch for storage or transportation

Here are some of the features listed by the manufacturer for the Neck Support

Product Dimensions (folded): 5.25" x 1.18".
Product Dimensions (standing): 5" x 4.25".

Rugged material for high durability
Folds up for easy storage
Will not damage banjo finish

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