Banjo Double Hammer-on Pull-Off Lick

Banjo Double Hammer-on Pull-Off Lick


I'm still struggling with the lick in sitting on top of the world. Would you mind a detailed explanation how to play the lick
with the 2 hammers, pulloff ? exactly what the left and right hands are supposed to do and how to do it ?

Answer from Ross Nickerson

I did not include the fretting hand fingering for this banjo lick included in the Banjo Encyclopedia. I included the fingering and have provided the tab free with a link below.

I recommend that you download the lick, print it out, but first, follow the instructions below without attempting to play it. Wait until you have a better understanding of how the lick is played and accomplished before you try it.

Sitting On Top Of the World
Banjo Encyclopedia/Page 73 Last Line/First Measure
Double Hammer-on Pull-off banjo lick

The difficulty lies in what right hand-fingers you pick and the timing of course. Follow these instructions carefully.

First and very importantly, I recommend thinking your way through this lick and trying to hear it in your head. The more you flail or whack at it, the bigger the ditch you are digging gets. By repeatedly misplaying the lick you are reinforcing the wrong things. Think this through first.

The first note is an 1/8th note, picked with the thumb

The second is a 2-3 hammer-on that counts a 1/4 beat and is picked with the index.

The next 2-3 hammer and 3-2 pull all happens with just one pick of the index finger, and counts as a 1/4 beat.

The next open 3rd string is also picked with the index and is an 1/8th note, followed by 2 more 1/8th notes, the 4th string, 2nd fret picked with the thumb and the open first string with the middle.

Listen to the CD that comes with the book, listen to the Tabledit program, THINK IT THROUGH SOME BEFORE ATTEMPTING IT.

Be sure you are picking with the correct fingers and that you understand the timing, Good Luck!!


Here is the whole last line as it appears in the book, however I recommend cycling the lick example given earlier above to further isolate the lick and get it down first.

Sitting On Top Of the World
Banjo Encyclopedia/Page 73 Whole Last Line

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
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