How long to stay practicing on 1 thing?

How long to stay practicing on 1 thing?

Student Question: How long should I practice one thing?

Hi Ross,

I received my banjo and materials very quickly. Thanks for the quick service! Your book and DVD (Fundamentals of 5-String Banjo) are invaluable resources for the beginning student. My problem is I'm not sure exactly how quickly to move forward or how long I should practice one thing. Should I learn one roll until I can get it pretty well and then move on to the next roll or practice several rolls at a time for variety sake? Also, should I become familiar with all the rolls before moving on to chords and left-hand techniques? I'm just not sure if I should move through the book as it is written or if I should combine techniques at different stages. I understand the importance of not rushing things but I want to make sure I'm not inadvertently slowing myself down in the process.
Thanks again!
Nathan Contino

Ross Nickerson Answer

I would recommend that you move around, and not spend too much time on one thing.
The analogy would be, going to the gym and only working on your chest and walking out of the gym with skinny arms and legs and a huge chest. You don't want to skip to fast, but don't get stuck either.

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
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