How to best use The Banjo Encyclopedia

How to best use The Banjo Encyclopedia

Subject: Simplifying it some for a student

Here is a copy of a quick note I sent to a student who was learning a lot from the Banjo Encyclopedia but also felt a little overwhelmed by all the material.

Learning from the Banjo E, simplifying it some for you.

Here is some advice on what might be the more important things to start with, or focus on.

...Up to the advanced rolls in chapter 2,

...Most or all of chapter 3, 4 and 5.

...Chapter 9, 10, 12, 14 would be good places to prioritize your practice time and learning from The Banjo Encyclopedia. All of those chapters get as far as you can in, it's OK to jump between chapters too.

...The other chapters are important too of course, but start with that, and skip around a little if you want.

...Also try to pull the learning concepts or approaches from the book, overviews of techniques, rather than spending a lot of time trying to learn a difficult piece in the book for instance.

Hope that advice simplifies it some for you.

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
( )==='==~

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