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In this Free Banjo Lesson section are videos and links to free banjo lesson articles on important aspects of playing a banjo. The BanjoTeacher.com Free Banjo Lesson Blog features videos, tips, articles and many other resources to help you learn to play banjo. Using the navigation links on the left find the many free lessons for our visitors, students and customers. I began playing banjo professionally at the age of 17 in 1974 and have always enjoyed teaching and helping others since I began. I was blessed with some natural ability and drive and have always been told I had a keen sense in assisting others. I started BanjoTeacher.com in 2001 by publishing free articles and offering several of my Books and CDs online. As far as I know I was the first one that offered banjo lessons online and I now have over 20 Books and DVDs for learning to play bluegrass banjo. The website and the services we offer have grown considerably over the years but one thing has not changed and that is my inspiration to make the learning process easier and making progress more fun for everyone. Thanks again, Ross Nickerson

  • Free Beginner Banjo E-Book for New Mailing List Members

    Free Beginner Banjo E-Book for New Mailing List Members

    Thanks for Joining the Mailing List at BanjoTeacher.com To complete your sign up process for the monthly discounts newsletter and receive the free item. you were sent an automatic email. 1. Open the email and confirm the sign up process. 2. Then send us an email requesting the Free E-Book. 3. If you did not receive the email, please email us at info@banjoteacher.com Here are some discounts just for joining the mailing list.Read More

  • Free Video on How to Hold the Banjo, Attach a Strap and Put Picks On

    Free Video on How to Hold the Banjo, Attach a Strap and Put Picks On

    Free Banjo Lesson Video on how to hold or position the banjo, put the picks on, attach a banjo strap. The video also points out names of all the parts of the banjo like the tension hoop, tailpiece, peghead, flange and resonator. , This is an excerpt from Beginning the Five String Banjo Book, CD and DVD by Ross Nickerson Read More

  • How to Play Banjo Along with a CD or DVD

    How to Play Banjo Along with a CD or DVD

    Playing your banjo along with a You Tube video, DVD, CD or MP3 recording is not only loads of fun but a much more productive way of practicing banjo with few exceptions. One of the key elements in becoming a good banjo player is repetitions. The muscle memory you develop in repetitions helps you developing banjo tone, skill, speed, timing and the ability to improvise when you lose your place. Read More

  • How to Put Strings on a Banjo

    How to Put Strings on a Banjo

    Here is a free video on how to put strings on a banjo. The video also includes tips on putting a bridge on a banjo and tightening the banjo head. Changing strings on a banjo is not hard once you've done it once or twice. Be sure to change ths strings one at a time so the bridge will stay in place, and it will be easier to tune up. One of the most important things to do when chaRead More

  • Notes to Tune a Banjo To

    Notes to Tune a Banjo To

    Here are the notes to tune a banjo to and also the notes used for different tuning options on a banjo. The tunings we have the notes for are Standard G open bluegrass tuning. C Tuning bluegrass, Bluegrass D tuning, Double C tuning, G minor tuning and Low Open E tuning. Read More

  • Practice Habits Banjo

    Practice Habits Banjo

    Banjo Practice Habits and Techniques Class Handouts Below are links to handouts that you can downloadRead More

  • Reset the Bridge on a Five String Banjo

    Reset the Bridge on a Five String Banjo

    Watch a video on how to re-set your banjo bridge. This video goes in to more detail and shows you how to set the bridge so the intonation is correct and the banjo plays in tune up and down the neck. The bridge is placed the same distance from the 12th fret as the distance from the 12th fret to the nut (nut is located where the strings go through at the peg head). The intonation or tuning can be fine tuned with an electronic tuner and using harmonics. This is described and demonstrated in the video.Read More

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