Learning Banjo From the Bluegrass Encyclopedia of Banjo

Learning Banjo From the Bluegrass Encyclopedia of Banjo

Some Tips I sent a beginner/early intermediate about learning from the Banjo Encyclopedia

Try reading The Banjo Encyclopedia without playing to get some further understanding of what is being presented. A lot of students say that has helped them. Try to gain more of the big picture before you dive into playing, it will likely save you valuable practice time.

Another author tip would be, that each chapter is a mini book. Which, at your present level could mean this, concentrate on the beginning of the chapters or the parts that apply to your present level and then move on to another chapter, In other words, you don't have to master the advanced rolls in chapter 2 before learning some left hand exercises in chapter 3 or learning chords in chapter 9.

Chapter 4 would be good for you to read.

From what you described about yourself, chapter 1,2,3,4,5,9,10, would be tops on the priority list, and only take chapters 2.3, 5, and 9 as far as you could reasonable expect from yourself with your experience level

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
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