Hints to Pick Banjo Faster Developing Speed and Technique

Hints to Pick Banjo Faster Developing Speed and Technique

Hints to Pick Banjo Faster Developing Speed and Technique

Right Hand  (or your picking hand, there are lefties out there:)

1. Practice Rolls
2. Work on weak spots
3. Push yourself and try to raise your speed a notch each day
4. Try using a metronome to push the tempo up each practice session and help you with your timing as well.
5. Allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes and sound sloppy so you can work out the kinks and overcome obstacles.
6. Play in situations that challenge your speed. You may be surprised on how well you do.
7. Play through mistakes and keep plowing forward.
8. Master three two measure rolls ("got to rolls"), and keep the left hand simple
9. Make goals
10. Practice what you can't play
11. Keep your fingers close to the strings when you pick and try to limit excess movement.

Left Hand or Fretting Hand

1. Learn the chords in each position on the neck and exercise moving between them.
2. When Learning a song, find the left hand positions you will use. Then without picking, practice moving back and forth between them until it's comfortable.
3. Learn finger exercises and warm up with them often.
4. Learn some single-string style scales and patterns. Practice repeating them over and over trying to raise your speed a notch each session. Use some of the same suggestions on building right hand speed when developing your left hand.
5. Try to keep your left hand fingers close to the fret board when you're not using them. Limit the distance you have to move your fingers to fret a note.

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