Practicing Basic Banjo Rolls

Practicing Basic Banjo Rolls

Practicing Basic Banjo Rolls

Student question

Hi Ross:
I am member and have been getting much material from your great collections. My question is that I have never practiced the basic banjo rolls and other rolls. I have been playing for about 3 years now and I am learning different songs from many books. I feel like I am learning the forward roll and other rolls better because I use them in all of the songs I learn. Should I be practicing these rolls separately? Am I not practicing them as I learn each new song? Thank you for everything you and your staff do for everyone. Gary Majo

Ross Nickerson Answer

Hi Gary,

You can practice the rolls separately to develop skill in your right hand, Practicing things separately can be a good idea for many aspects of learning the banjo. Similar to golf or other sports, there are many different parts of the "game" that can be focused on separately, like driving, putting, short game etc. The analogy to banjo would be, timing, rolls, fretting hand exercises, developing speed, muscle memory etc

In sports like football, athletes work on fundamentals all week like tackling, conditioning, memorizing the plays and then bring it all together to play the game Sunday. The analogy to the game could be bringing all the banjo skills needed together in playing a song.

Hope that helps Gary, thanks again, Ross Nickerson

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