Question on using a preamp with a Fishman Banjo Pickup

Question on using a preamp with a Fishman Banjo Pickup

Question on using a preamp with a Fishman Banjo Pickup

......Hi, I purchased a Gold Tone BG-250 F from you a few months ago. Great banjo by the way. I installed the Fishman rare earth pickup in it and was hoping you could give me some insight on a good DI for this set up. I am playing in a full band set-up with electric instruments, drums, etc. I am having trouble getting good volume with control. Is it ideal to use a DI with the Fishman? If so, what do I look for? Thanks for any help you can give me at all.

Hi, yes you absolutely need a preamp with that style of pickup. However, its still by far the best pickup I have used and what most pros use, you just need a preamp with it, no big deal.

A guy named Gerald Jones invented that magnetic pickup design that does not touch the head, but the patten ran put, now Fishman sells them, probably the reason you need the preamp is because it doesn't touch the head.

Fishman makes a decent preamp that you can attach to your belt, but if you have the bread get the best one you can, preferably with the most EQ options.

If I was buying one now I'd be looking for the most clean power, best EQ and easiest to use. I only have used the Fishman preamp and a DOD foot pedal preamp, but there very well may be better options out there.

The other option I just realized is that Fishman sells an active pickup in that type of magnetic pickup, it has a battery attached to it, but even if that is the pickup you have, it would not hurt to boost the signal and have a better EQ

Hope that helps

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
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