Timing in Banjo Tab

Timing in Banjo Tab

Timing in the tab question

Hello Ross,

I hope you are doing well and having a great day! I am using your banjo encyclopedia book and was hoping you might have a minute to answer a few quick questions.

(1) On the 5th and 10th note it has a symbol but does note show a string to pick. What does this symbol mean Ross? Does it mean to pause briefly before playing the next 8th note?

that is an 1/8th beat rest

(2) Unlike the other nine exercises the tenth exercise does not show which right hand finger to pick with. Was this done on purpose to have us decide which finger is the right one to use?

they are all thumb and index, alternating, starting with the thumb, this exercise is not that important, do not spend a lot of time on it if it is not coming easily, go back to it after you have some experience.

One more quick question Ross. On page 38 you have several exercises for the left hand. I noticed that below the musical staff you show
the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 with circles around them. Do they stand for the left hand fingers i.e. 1= Index, 2=Middle, 3=Ring And 4=Pinky?


Am I right to assume you want us students to use different fingers on the left hand to fret the notes as we play? I just wanted to make sure I understood what the numbers 1 though 4 stood for before I reach this part of the book and start working on these exercises.

Yes, use the recommend fingers, the right hand indications are even more important to follow, many of my beginning books indicate every finger to use, the Banjo E, points out mostly the ones I think a student might have a question about.

Thank you for your help Ross. I did purchase a cheap metronome but had not used it yet. I hope to put it to work soon. I am not too sure about how to use it but I plan to practice with it soon.

Read page 18 several times, the key is to start simple, like counting allot without playing, then a simple thumb pinch pattern on 1/4 notes till you fall in with it, the most common mistake a student makes is to try learn something new or play something difficult while also trying to learn how to use the metronome

I very much appreciate the fine banjo encyclopedia book you've written and I am very thankful for your help Ross. I hope that one day I will have the pleasure to meet you
in person.

I hope so too, I'm glad to help, good luck with your continued progress and fun too.

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
( )==='==~

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