Timing Tips

Timing Tips

Learn Timing and how to count time

Tips from Ross Nickerson answers to students
A couple of tips.

Learning to count time is very important on the banjo and easy if you just take the time to practice it.

Learn some basic rolls and chords and focus on picking steady without pausing or stopping to fix things. Producing a steady rhythm is paramount when playing the banjo and in music in general.

One last tip, music is not a perfect science, don't strive for perfection but for something fun and uplifting. If you want to strive for perfection, learn to pick steady, then almost anything sounds good, that to me as a teacher, from a student, is perfection.

There you go tips from the horses mouth.

I'm not sure my book puts it that pointed, in fact I'm sure it doesn't but it really does boil it down to that and it may help you to hear that before you get too deeply in to it.

Left Hand Advice

Learn the left hand positions without picking or sight reading the tab.

All you need to is just look at the tab and find where your left hand needs to be placed. Do that in the order it happens in the song, and do it a lot!

then try to add the picking.

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
( )==='==~

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