Trouble with the Index Finger

Trouble with the Index Finger

Right Hand Accuracy


I have been struggling with right hand accuracy for some time now. I have even emailed you a couple of times for advice, which you graciously offered. Please indulge me one more time as I have determined the root of the problem.

There is a tenancy for my index finger to stay bent after picking a string,and therfore be out of position for the next string it must pick. I am nearly positive I don't suffer from "trigger finger" or any other physical ailments. I believe this is just a bad habit I have picked up over the years, which I have compensated for by moving my entire right hand up and down rather than re-training my finger. This works fine until I try to play fast. Then I miss notes.

My Response

Try resting your thumb on the 5th string and picking middle on the first, then index on the second over and over, without bending.

If you continue to do what you described and have trouble breaking that habit.... but you are still playing good and hitting the notes you want, don't worry about it so much. In other words, if you are making music don't let that ruin your feeling of accomplishment or the fun you have playing.

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
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