Why isn't the song I want to learn to play on banjo availalble

Why isn't the song I want to learn to play on banjo availalble

Trouble finding tab for a banjo song

A response I wrote to someone looking for a tab for a popular song.
I wanted to explain to help them understand why there are not more popular songs in tab available to students. (popular meaning, main stream songs that are not traditionally bluegrass)

I'm sorry but I do not have that song and unfortunately you may have a hard time finding it. If I may, I'd like to explain, just to help you understand why and maybe keep you from being frustrated by what's available to banjo students.

The reason it may be hard to find that song and other popular songs is that they are copyrighted, which in layman terms means anyone who wants to sell it has to get permission, which can be time consuming, complicated and the author also has to pay royalties for using the song.

That is why it must be frustrating for students wanting to learn songs they like to only find a lot of the same songs in banjo books.

Keep in mind that I don't know how long you have been playing or your level so forgive me if I am explaining something you already know.

The best and most practical advice I have is to learn the chords to the song from a guitar, piano or lyrics book. Then learn to play along using the chords, practicing with the recording. If I was in a jam or band situation playing and someone was singing the song you mentioned I would first learn the chords, pick along steady following the chord progressions and once I established that, I would begin to develop the melody line or play parts of the melody to blend in.

My DVD Playing by Ear and Learning the Chords can help you with that, now my email sound like a sales pitch but my response didn't start that way I just wanted to explain the copyright issue so you'd know why some of these songs just aren't out there. It comes up a lot at my workshops, but the Playing by Ear DVD and Learning the chords DVD would help you I'm confident.

Thanks again,
Ross Nickerson
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