DVD - Power Pickin Vol II with John Lawless

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A step-by-step demonstration of the basic techniques and patterns used to play roll style bluegrass banjo backup in the open, or first position. Contains material of interest to both beginners and more experienced players alike.

Starting with the most basic, first look at following a simple chord progression, AcuTab's John Lawless takes you through a detailed discussion and analysis of down the neck backup that encompasses most of the elements that define the bluegrass banjo style.

After learning some simple accompaniment patterns, John shows you how to create an effective backup using the forward roll to get the bluegrass sound. An essential part of the presentation is the concept of the escape roll, which allows you to maintain a forward roll over more than a single measure, and then escaping that pattern to lead into a new roll or chord.

Also covered: Leading from one chord to the next; Fiddle tune backup (banjo/fiddle duets) ; Filling the holes in vocal songs; Backup in keys other than G (C and D); Using distinctive rolls and licks.

2 hours. Tab booklet included.

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