Access Stage One Heavy Duty Banjo Gig Bag for Heavy Banjos - Resonator Banjo

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Access Stage 1 Banjo Gig Bag for Heavy Bluegrass Banjos

Deluxe Padded Banjo Gig Bag for Resonator Banjo

The Access Stage 1 Gig Bag is a heavy duty high quality banjo gig bag suitable for carrying heavy bluegrass banjos with flathead tone rings that weigh in the 13 to 14 pound range.

This a heavy duty deluxe Banjo Gig Bag sized for a Bluegrass Resonator Banjo and is the best banjo gig bag we carry. They are heavy duty, heavy padded, very durable and look good too.

These are the gig bags Nechville Banjos use with their new banjos. We ordered in a Nechville Zeus which comes with this gig bag standard and I loved it. Actually I confiscated it and am using it as a gig bag when I play gigs with my heavy bluegrass banjo.

We ran out of the CG-500J gig bags which is the other gig bag that we sell thats strong enough for a bluegrass banjo. I called Nechville to see where they got these cool bags and I became a dealer for them. I'm happy to get them out there and more available for banjo players. Like most case companies their primary focus is selling guitar cases.

They are really good bags. They cost a little more to ship but that's because they don't bend in half like cheaper bags and we have to ship them in banjo boxes. They stand up on their own when they are empty like a hard case does which is a sign of a high quality bag too. They only weigh 3 or 4 lbs though.

I highly recommend these.

I use both the CG-500J Heavy Banjo Bag and this one. The Access bag is shaped more like a banjo and is a very clean looking bag too.

I love this bag, I ordered one for myself and I like everything about it. In the picture I took, the shape of the bag looks a bit like a guitar bag but it fits a resonator banjo perfect, and is smaller than a guitar bag. It's well padded, has plenty of accessory compartments and the bag stands up on its own when the banjo isn't in it. The zipper on the bottom stops before it fully opens which protects the banjo from falling out, or the case collapsing. It's the first bag I have ever seen that does that and believe me that's a clever feature and smart thinking by the designer.

The Access Stage one features sturdy back pack straps for easy carrying and redistributing the weight of heavy bluegrass banjos. This case still offers lots of protection. I would have no problem carrying my expensive banjo to shows, festivals or rehearsals in this gig bag. It makes my banjo a heck of a lot easier to carry and I don't throw around my banjo when even when it's in the hard case either. 

After you’ve finished with your homage to the late great Earl Scruggs, pack up that banjo in our Stage One Resonator Banjo Gig Bag.  Stage One bags feature a rugged 600-denier exterior backed up with 25mm of our rigid HardCell™ closed-cell foam padding. Add comfortable backpack straps, and keeping her safe while you’re carrying that heavy instrument back and forth to performances will be a breeze.

Specs Description

Resonator Banjo Gig Bag

An ACCESS Stage One Resonator Banjo Gig Bag offers the perfect blend of lightweight utility and professional-level protection.

  • Interior Dimensions: Overall Length: 39″ (991mm);  Lower Bout: 14‑1/8″ (359mm);  Depth: 4‑1/4″ (108mm)
  • 1″ plus foam core (25mm HardCellTM high-density closed-cell foam coupled w/ 4mm open-cell sponge foam)
  • Rugged 600D water-resistant polyester exterior w/ PVC backing
  • Smooth 70D pill-resistant poly interior w/ protective hardware abrasion guards
  • Adjustable padded backpack-style straps
  • Reinforced carry handles, heavy-duty zippers and pulls
  • Ample zippered front pocket designed for large music books and folios
  • External Dimensions: 42-1/2″ x 15-3/4″ x 7-1/2″ (1080mm x 400mm x 191mm)
  • Approximate Weight: 3.0 pounds (1.3 kg)


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