Video Surgeon - Slow Down YouTube Banjo Videos and DVDs

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Video Surgeon - Slow Down YouTube Banjo Videos and Banjo DVDs

Slow down banjo you tube videos and DVDs. Learn hard to hear banjo licks and banjo songs slow enough to learn at half the speed without changing your tuning.

Video Surgeon
For Learning Banjo Easier by slowing down live YouTube Videos or other Online Videos of Banjo Players or Banjo Instruction DVDs. Works great for all instruments including guitar, mandolin, fiddle, dobro and more.
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Video Analysis, Banjo Songs and Licks in Slow Motion, Zooming and Slow Down

Video Surgeon allows you to do video slow motion and zooming – as well as the creation of looping areas of the isolation of a video for repeated playback. Video Surgeon also has a built-in YouTube downloader that allows you to download any video from YouTube. Video Surgeon opens most common video file formats, including files from DVDs, home video cameras or videos stored on your computer.

Video Slow Down with Video Surgeon
Video Version - For learning banjo easier by slowing down live YouTube video and instruction DVDs
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Audio Slow Down with Song Surgeon
Audio Version - For hearing clearer and playing banjo along with CDs and MP3s
Song Surgeon
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