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"The Banjo Cruise" 15th Annual Banjo Workshop Cruise to the Caribbean
Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines - Independence of the Seas

Sail Date: March 6th, 2017
Don't miss this 5 Night, 6 Day Western Caribbean Leaving from Fort Lauderdale, Florida Cruise Two Ports of Call Labadee, and Falmouth, Jamaica

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...The cruise exceeded all expectations. I was particularly impressed with your informal yet no nonsense style. I am planning to return...

The workshops for banjo are held on the days the ship is at sea so you are still able to visit all ports and have plenty of time off for fun with your spouse, family or friends. There is optional jamming in the evenings for all who want to participate. The curriculum includes Banjo Workshops for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Banjo Students The classes will be small insuring that each students receives the assistance and encouragement they need. This will be a fun and supportive environment for all.

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The workshop with covers these topics and more: Right and Left Hand Techniques, Backup Playing, Practice Habits and Priorities, Mixing Styles, Up the Neck Work, Jamming with Others, Rhythm and Timing, Playing in Different Keys and Tunings, Playing by Ear and Learning to Play Without Tablature and much more.

Prices based on double occupancy and availability, some restrictions apply.

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Superior balcony $635
Deluxe Balcony $612
Ocean view $446
Inside State Room $388 deck 6

A deposit of only 200.00 per person will secure a Cabin

Banjo Cruise Workshops $299.00

Aug 28, 2015
The faculty concert on Sunday night...WOW!!
I only felt the boat moving one time...and that was in open waters Sat night, I think it was..we did rock a bit, but it was a nice slow roll...I was pickin with a young man and we were rolling back and forth towards each other as if keeping slow time! It was pretty funny! But it also put me to sleep instantly when bedtime came!! (after just watching that 'students at sea' Alaskan cruise ship that was hit by 60 foot waves on tv, I really have to say our boat was almost STILL! LOL)Key West is pretty much as I remembered it from trips down there while growing up in FL. Bought Craig & myself a bunch of shirts!! And of course, had to have a beer in Sloppy Joe's! :)We started off with a meeting (what a kewl looking group, when we were all together!!) and awards! MOI received the award for "Most/Longest Email Questions", or something like that! LOLOL I had this strange feeling when zbstarted that little speech that it was coming my way! LOL I also won a prize, and I chose the Janet Davis gift certificate! I had to LOOK for it and since we were all coming forward at once, I actually had to grab it back from Keith S., who was called up right after me! LOLOL It was really funny watching several people perusing the prize table at once, trying to grab what you wanted before 'that guy' got it! ;)Ross DID do a great job in putting us in classes. I started out in Intermediate A, but did both that and Int. B classes. I think next year I'll start out in Int. B! Learned a TON of stuff, met a TON of new people, put faces with nicknames (that was hilarious in the hotel lobby..."what's your name" and so..."who?"...give the nickname..."OH! I know you now!" LOL) and jammed into the wee hours of the nights most every night. Like zbsaid, the ship gave us pretty much free reign as to where to pick...shoot, Keith S., Rick and I even picked in the kids tv room at one point!! At least no 8 year olds kicked us out! How humiliating would THAT have been! LOLTime was crunched, but the way the classes were laid out (subject wise), it was pretty easy to decide if you could play hookie and jump off the boat for a few! I'd bet anything that next year, all those kinks will be worked out and class time AND port time will be at an optimum!! ALL the instructors were just great...I learned something from each of those that I sat in with, and then learned more from other pickers! All the teachers welcomed us to approach them at ANY time on the cruise with questions, comments, or just to say hey!The bluegrassers and old time folks had separate jams for the most part, but you could hop from one to the other at will! EVERYONE seemed to be welcoming in the 'free' jams, but the beginners had a harder time finding each other to jam slowly. I did find a few and got together one night and had fun. I also got to sit with Phil Mathers (hey Beaver!) one evening for hours and shared John Boulding's & Julio's chord information with him. What a darned nice guy!! I understand he was SO very inspired with all this banjo stuff that he has since called and ordered a Huber banjo!! Now THAT'S commitment! LOL And he was just a great guy too! Aw shoot...I didn't meet ONE person who wasn't nice and excited to just BE there!! What a great venue for this learning thing!!!The faculty concert on Sunday night...WOW!! Between the sheer amout of TALENT on that stage, and Ned's part time comedian antics, as well as he and Tony T. picking on their own banjos with their right hands while chording the OTHER'S banjo with their left hands, and Bob Carlin's TOTALLY funny self, it was just a HUGE time!! It don't get any better than that folks!! From the individual acts to the group finale...I was in the front row and just FLOORED...STILL smilin from that too! :)Oh...and the Disco group on board, and the dance groups...they all LOVED our banjos! Many regular cruisers sought us out in the evenings just to listen...THAT was very knewl!!

Aug 28, 2015
A great workshop cruise
Ross, I briefly spoke with zb as I was departing the ship, but I also wanted to personally thank you for all that you did to put on a great workshop cruise. I can appreciate all the hard work you and your troops put in to make it such a success. I came home with lots of good stuff to practice and hopefully move forward with my banjo playing. If you ever get a workshop scheduled closer to Wyoming I hope you will let me know. Again, thanks so much for a fun and rewarding experience.

Aug 28, 2015
I am looking forward to the next one.
I agree the Banjo Cruise was a great experience. It was the first cruise for me and my wife and we will be back for the cruise next year. It was wonderful to meet so many people that love the banjo and to get great workshops, lessons, jams, etc. and enjoy the cruise at the same time. Ross and his staff arranged classes so that we got the benefit of having each of the instructors at least once but most of them taught our class more than once during the cruise. Got to meet a lot of pickers from all over the USA + from UK (including Bob, the "Golden Ear"), Ireland, Canada, Australia, Germany and I know I am leaving out a few in that list. One of my goals was to harass everybody I could find who would let me play their banjo since I was looking for my "lifetime banjo". Well, we had four instructors that were playing the Huber Lexington - yesterday I called John Lawless and ordered a Lexington - can't wait for that delivery. (John, is it on the way yet?) The Faculty Concert on Sunday night was quite a show and was open to students and spouses / family and to the general public on the cruise. If you get a chance to go on the cruise - don't miss the Faculty Concert. Ross and his staff and faculty and all the coordinators did an excellent job putting the cruise together. I am looking forward to the next one.

Aug 28, 2015
I look forward to seeing you again and hearing you play!
Jim and I will definitely let you know if we are in the DC area. We have heard fine comments and compliments concerning you opening your home for the concerts, too. Likewise, if you are to be in Arkansas, please let us know! I look forward to seeing you again and hearing you play! Thanks again!

Aug 28, 2015
Thank you so much for all you did throughout.
Hi, We had a wonderful time, and I am positive everyone else thought you and Ross and zbstarted something really great! One person said he felt so fortunate to have been with this first group. Thank you so much for all you did throughout.

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